Saturday, 16 August 2014

I Juiced A Watermelon ...(Or The Tefal Infinity Press Revolution Review!)

I am the first to admit that my fruit and vegetable intake leaves a lot to be desired.

I have always been the absolute fussiest of eaters....I don't like meat much and so I have often toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian....what put me off? The fact that I like fruit and veg even less!

I tend to exist on a diet of rice, pasta, creamy sauces, bread and chicken....not ideal, I know!

I was determined when I had Tyne to try and encourage a healthier attitude to food in him.....and so far it seems to be working. He LOVES his food....all of it....he has yet to turn his nose up at fruit or veg, infact corn on the cob and banana are probably his favourite foods.

But I don't want to stop encouraging him....and I think I need to work on increasing my own fruit & veg intake as a way to do that.

So how does somebody who hates the textures of most fruit and veg manage to eat more?


I have been down the "Drink it" route before when I tried to force myself to have smoothies everyday...but it didn't work.

I HATE smoothies.

I can't stand thick drinks, and so smoothies are big no-no for me.

But juicing is something I had never tried before and appeals to me much much more.

Of course, buying juices from shops doesn't quite have the same goodness as making your home.....juices should be consumed within 15 minutes of the juicing process to get maximum benefit.

We were recently very kindly sent a Tefal Infinity Press Revolution to try out and review.

I have never used a machine like this before and I thought it all looked rather daunting when I took it out of the box, but I was surprised by how easy it was to put was done in minutes.

I prepped my fruit, peeled and ready to go - my favourite concoction so far has been orange & pineapple, or watermelon (One fruit I do LOVE!), orange & grape.

For the purpose of the review, I am showing you the watermelon, orange & grape juice.

I used a quarter of a melon cut into chunky strips, a whole orange cut into segments, and a handful of green grapes.

You simply pop everything in and watch as the unwanted pulp is dispensed out of the side into one jug, and your nice fresh juice is poured out into another!

I was surprised to find that both jugs came with the set, which I find very handy.

I was also surprised by the amount of juice I got out a relatively small amount of fruit!

I was also pleased to see that there is very little of the fruit wasted when juicing, I expected there to be a lot more pulp expelled but this was all there was:

The Infinity Press Revolution has a slow rotating screw mechanism which presses ingredients gently to preserve the flavour and the nutrients.

The Infinity Press gets on average 30% more juice, and retains 35% more vitamin C and 75% more antioxidants compared to a standard juicer.

I was also very impressed with how quiet the juicer is to operate, and how easy it is to clean....all removable parts are dishwasher safe too.

Overall, I have been SO very impressed with this juicer and I am so happy to have finally found a way to increase my fruit intake that suits me.


Technical specifications

• Power: 300W
• Juice Press Technology
• 3 Feed Tubes
• 2 Stainless Steel Filters (thin/thick) 
. 2 jugs, one with a foam separator
• RRP: £199

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