Friday, 1 August 2014

Making Kids Bedrooms Comfortable

For children, their bedroom is the most important room in the house. It’s the place they spend much of their free time, and the first thing that really feels like 'theirs'. 
Creating a calm and comfortable space for your children to sleep and play in is important, and it doesn't take much to make it something truly special.

 Invest in the best mattress 

Sleep is a vital thing, especially for children – in this, the bed is the star of the room and the key to making them as comfy as possible.
 Invest in a quality mattress, and don't forget about the pillows, too. 
You could always take the kids shopping and get them to test out different kinds until they find their preference. Ultra-soft isn't always the most comfortable or the best for their body. 

Avoid clutter 

Children need space to relax and play, and having their homework, toys and clothing all over the place can make the bedroom feel cluttered, small and uncomfortable. 
Keep things minimalistic and tidy with some decent bedroom storage: if space is tight, think under-bed drawers, window boxes and even cabin beds to utilise the space underneath.

 Let them have some say in the colors and the theme 

The idea of letting your kids take charge of the theme and paint colours may make you squirm, but giving them free reign and allowing them to apply their favourite colours, cartoons and patterns of their choice in their bedrooms is one of the keys to creating a cosy, personal space that they will feel at home in.
 Try to temper more extreme color choices by suggesting you limit this to one wall, or some cushions and accessories. 

Be creative with the lighting 

Instead of just putting any old standard light in the room, consider choosing a more fun-designed or shaped lampshade, and look at a range of children's bedside lamps to see what cute and colourful options are available.
 Depending on their age, a small night light could also be a great addition to the room, making them feel more safe and happy at night. 

Pick out safe, foolproof furniture 

Buy furniture that has rounded edges, or sand down any sharp corners on wood. Avoid brittle materials like glass, instead opting for plastic, which is more difficult to break. Bold colors will conceal marks and spills in the long-term!

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