Monday, 11 August 2014

Mamastyle Monday featuring Shoe Zone!

This week has been a bit of a funny one in the Sparkles household.

I haven't been feeling very well at all, and there have been lots of hospital a lot of things have fallen by the wayside...blogging and photo taking being among those things!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of SundayBest linky yesterday, for which I do apologise but I just didn't feel up to doing it at all....I'm hoping to get back on track with that next week!

I very nearly didn't get around to doing a MamaStyle Monday post either as, truth be told, I've spent the majority of this week repeatedly putting on the same outfit to go to hospital appointments and then changing immediately back into my PJs and feeling sorry for myself at home in between.

But today (Sunday) I decided to make an effort to go out and get some fresh air....the rest of the country seems to have been battered with awful storms, but so far in Devon we still have glorious sunshine so I thought I should get outside and make the most of it while it lasts.

We decided to head to the summer fairground in Torquay for the afternoon, and I thought I might as well snap a few outfit pics while I was I do have a MamaStyle Monday post after all!

This outfit is representative of a standard, every day outfit once again....It's comfortable to wear, it's very low effort, and it suits a variety of occasions.

On days out with toddlers, I always think of course that the most important thing is comfort....I don't often wear jeans but when I do I like them to be SUPER comfortable....theres nothing worse than an  ill-fitting pair that you're constantly adjusting and yanking back up as you chase around after your child!

I also like to make sure that I wear longline tops pretty much all of the time, as I feel that they help to hide my ample muffin top! Tyne also has a current obsession with pulling my top down whenever I pick him up, so I try to make sure I wear things that aren't elasticated at the moment to avoid him being able to expose the girls in public!!

I am once again featuring some shoes that were kindly sent to me this week, this pair of summery sparkley sandals are PERFECT for summer wearing....they are super comfortable and I feel that they match most outfits.

The photos really don't do them justice as they are VERY sparkley which makes me endlessly happy.

I absolutely love them and can certainly see myself wearing them a LOT throughout the remainder of the summer....I often find the toe post style of flip flop to be quite uncomfortable but I haven't had that problem with this pair at all. It almost feels like I'm wearing slippers, they really are that comfortable!

Despite feeling very unwell, we did manage to have a lovely day at the fairground and I was super comfortable in my outfit....Tyne is going through a "Mummy" phase at the moment where he wants me to do everything with him, so no amount of trying to pursuade him to go on the rides with Daddy is working....this is where comfy and adaptable outfits like this are completely necessary! No tripping over maxi dresses to climb into the teacups!

This weeks outfit consists of:

Neon Pink Kimono - New Look - £19.99
Chiffon Double Layer Top - New Look - £9.99 (out of stock)
Jeans - New Look - £19.99
Flip Flops - Shoe Zone - £9.99
Sunglasses - Primark - £4.99

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