Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Dolce Gusto Coffee Morning

A couple of weeks ago, I invited some friends over to try out my new Dolce Gusto coffee machine for our own little Dolce Gusto coffee morning.

We spent the morning chatting whilst trying out various cupcakes and different Dolce Gusto flavours while our kids played together.

What better way to spend an otherwise boring weekday morning?!

We have been using the Dolce Gusto for over a month now and have been so very impressed.

I did wonder if it would be a struggle to make numerous hot drinks for guests all at once, as the machine can obviously only produce one drink at a time, but it is so quick that it just doesn't matter!

The Dolce Gusto is so quick & easy to use, and it is SO easy to prepare different kinds of drinks without needing to make adjustments to the machine that take more than a second.

Each Dolce Gusto drink advises you use a different preparation method which is listed on the box - for some drinks you use half milk (white capsule) and half the coffee/flavour capsule....for others you almost fill the whole cup with the flavour capsule and only add a dash of the white capsule.....

The new Dolce Gusto machine makes this so easy as it has a setting on the top which allows you to set how much you want to fill the cup each simply select the right setting for the drink you are preparing....this means that if you happen to divert your attention elsewhere for a second you are not going to end up with an overflowing cup as the machine stops filling the glass when it reaches your desired level! Ideal!

It is also super easy to switch between preparing hot and cold drinks.....the Dolce Gusto can be used to make Iced drinks too, my partner is a HUGE fan of the Iced Cappucino and I'm quite partial to the Iced Peach Tea!...because the water is heated by an element inside the machine as it passes through, this means that hot water is only dispensed when required rather than the whole reservoir being heated unnecessarily.

So just a simple flick of a switch gives you either hot or cold water, one after the other.

For those worried about the cost of Dolce Gusto capsules, it is also worth mentioning that we managed to find Iced Cappucino and Iced Peach Tea in our local 99p we stocked up! 
You also get a £10 voucher with your machine to spend on the online webstore which is well worth using, and you receive a nice selection of samples with a new machine too.

We also take advantage of multi buy offers in supermarkets - they usually have Dolce Gusto capsules on a 3 Boxes For £10 offer.

So what were the favourite Dolce Gusto flavours?!

Personally, chococino and cortado were my own personal favourites but others favoured the Skinny Latte, Choco Caramel and Iced Cappucinos.

I am pretty excited this week to have discovered the Dolce Gusto Nesquick capsules ... I have placed an order and am eagerly awaiting their arrival!

For more info on these fabulous machines please visit the Dolce Gusto Website here or why not check out The Pod on Facebook?

Do you have a Dolce Gusto machine? What flavours are your favourite?

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