Friday, 22 August 2014

Outfits Perfect For A Girls Night Out

After spending 40 hours in a week at work, and 10 hours per week commuting to and from work, Friday night is any girl’s reward for slaving the week away. However, being tired at work is no excuse to dress drab in jeans and shirt to have some comfort. Strap on your high heels, slither in your sparkly dresses and dance the night away at your local dance club.

Here are some outfits perfect for any girls’ night out:

Short and Sparkly

If dancing to the beat of the latest DJ tracks is your thing then you and your girls should be heading at the nearest dance club. Wear a dress that hugs your curves and shows off your assets. Pick something sparkly, with tons of sequins and jewels. It will surely catch the light and dazzle everyone who looks at the star that you are.

Be it strapless, off-shoulder, Venus strap, or backless, make sure your dress shows some skin and yet covers it. A peekaboo dress piques the interest of anyone who sees it.

Dark and Mysterious

Show off that tanned skin and wear a deep V-neckline blouse with dark leather pants. Pair it off with killer heels. This outfit says you’re ready to party but you’re picky. You won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

You exude a mystery that is sure to enthrall anyone who sees you. Round off the outfit with statement bangles and you’re ready for a night dancing with your friends.

Night at the Movies

If loud music, big rowdy crowds, and sweaty dancing bodies are not your idea of a good night out, spend the night at the movies with your friends. It’s the night to bust out that black leather jacket or dark denim cropped jacket.

Wear it over a strappy tank top or a sparkly tube top. Pair it with skinny jeans and high-heeled boots. Or go all denim and wear that short denim dress you’ve been waiting to wear all winter. Metallic pumps will put some glamour to the denim. Pair it with brightly colored purse and statement necklace.

Dinner Date With the Girls

You don’t need a man to bring you to a fancy restaurant; bring your girls and treat yourselves to a four-course meal at the local fine dining restaurant. Dress up and glam up for a fancy dinner night out with your work friends or college sorority sisters.

Cocktail dresses in dark colors, wine, or blush are perfect. Wear jewelry but don’t go overboard. Bring your sparkly purse or animal-print clutch to house all your valuables—card, powder puff,
and trusty red lipstick. You have to bring you’re a-game wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

Friday nights are nights best spent with friends having fun, be it on the dance floor, in the theater, or around a table reminiscing about shared childhood spent in front of the mirror, with your girls beside you, playing with your mom’s makeup; putting on red lipstick, eye shadow, and smudging lipstick on your pretty young cheeks.

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