Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Maternity Wear Picks

Trying to find clothing that ticks all the boxes when you're expecting can be difficult.

You want comfort and ease of wear, but that doesn't mean you want to sacrifice style!

I was pretty lucky to be pregnant throughout winter as, at my biggest, I was able to wear baggy jumpers and comfortable leggings....but I've always thought summer time must be a much harder season to dress a pregnant frame.

Some maternity brands seem to think that women want nothing more than plain vest tops and leggings to get them through the summer, but why would a baby bump stop us wanting to wear the pretty feminine maxi skirts and dresses?!

And what about those working through the summer with baby bumps in tow? How on earth do you dress work AND weather appropriate?

George at Asda have such a stylish range of maternity wear which is constantly updating....I've selected a few of my favourite outfits for Summer and Work wear.

Summer maternity outfits

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