Saturday, 30 August 2014

The 5 Best Things About Being Pregnant

Me while pregnant with Tyne

 Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when she is more ‘woman’ than ever before. It is an opportunity to do something that our bodies are designed to do, and despite some of the uncomfortable side effects, being pregnant is a wonderful experience like no other. There are so many stories about how wonderful the experience is – which is why so many women do it over, and over again! Here are five of the best things about being pregnant.

Mixing Up the Wardrobe

What other time in life do we have the opportunity to wear larger styles of clothes, without feeling like we need to get up, go to the gym and ‘get in shape’. Pregnancy is a great opportunity to mix up the wardrobe and try styles that you might not normally be inclined to wear. Why not buy some new clothes and really embrace the beauty of your changing body. Check out the huge range of stylish maternity clothes available from specialist maternity retailers like Maternity Sale – they have great inspiration for pregnant women who are embracing their beautiful bodies


The human body is such an amazing machine – it often knows exactly what it needs to do to bring itself back into balance, no matter what is happening with it. Our job is to listen to our bodies, provide them with the tools that they need (such as supplements) and to support them in doing their job – which in this case is creating a human. Many women say that they felt the healthiest they ever have in their lives when pregnant. Enjoy this chance to be at the most healthiest you have ever been, and try to relax and listen to what your body needs.

The Glow

Many women are used to complements about glowing skin when they’re pregnant. Our skin Sometimes seems at its best while we are pregnant, and creates a healthy glow that seems to beam out of our faces. If you often suffer from hormonal skin issues, during pregnancy you will probably find the opposite and that your skin is as smooth and lovely as it has ever been. You can thank bub for that!

Meeting New People

A baby bump is like a magnet for people’s hands. Nobody really knows why, but people seem to feel compelled to touch a pregnant belly, so be prepared for it. In the process you will also find that you are meeting a lot of new people, and will most likely make friends with a lot of other pregnant women along the way.

VIP Treatment

Get ready for the VIP treatment. People acknowledge that you require special attention during this time, and will often go out of their way to help you. You will find that people offer you their chair, carry your shopping for you, and generally want to assist you during this wonderful time – so enjoy!
These are just a few of the wonderful things about being pregnant. Of course, the most wonderful thing for many is the beautiful bundle of joy that will be in your arms at the end of it.

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