Monday, 18 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments: Head Space

This week's Ordinary Moment is a bit of a break from the norm for me...

This week hasn't really been all that normal. Infact the past two weeks haven't been all that normal.

There's a distinct lack of Tyne in this week's photograph and there's a reason for that....this week there hasn't been a lot of Mummy & Tyne time. There hasn't been a lot of Mummy & anybody or anything time.

The thing I have spent the most time with for about the past 10 days or so is my pillow.

Things have not been great for me lately, which is why this blog has been somewhat neglected....yes there have been pre-scheduled posts still going live here & there, but I haven't been active on social media promoting them and I haven't been putting up any new ones....even my #SundayBest linky which I've been trying really hard to get off the ground has fallen by the wayside for the past two weeks.

This blog has been neglected, I just haven't been in the frame of mind for it.

Family time has been neglected too.....

I've been unwell, physically and mentally. Most days I've felt too physically ill to drag myself out of bed.

On the few occasions that I have made an effort to go out somewhere with Jon & Tyne, I've felt so ill that we've had to cut the day short and come home.

I can't go into detail on the reasons why yet, because I actually don't know the full story myself.....I'll be finding out tomorrow morning with any luck....although I thought I'd have my answers last Monday and was given another week long wait, so we'll just have to see.

I know the basics of what's happening but not everything.

Once I know the full story and exactly what's happening I'll be able to update properly, and I'll hopefully be able to start dealing with it and get back to normal.....

Hopefully my blog posts will resume and, more importantly, my family time will resume and we'll back to our usual fun times with plenty of days out and photos to share.

But for this week that hasn't been the case so why cover it up?

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