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Guest Post: Gift Guide for 7 Year Olds....

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our oldest little girl has recently turned 7, and today I am sharing with you some of the gifts we thought were perfect for celebrating her birthday!

Amelie is a typical girly girl. She is still very much into Disney Princesses but also loves arts and crafts.
She has recently been trying out new "big girl" crafts like sewing and stitching, and knitting! Something I find hard to help her with as I am not very good at it myself!
She was delighted to received plenty of Crafts and Loom bands from her school friends.

Here are some Toys that our 7 year old LOVES to play with.


Amelie loved the idea of making her own pullback powered toy. She loved choosing which colours went where and how many spots and spikes he would have.
It took Amelie about 15 minutes to make her Wizzamal.
It is very straight forward to make. Simply mould of foamy doh over the plastic body and create the look you want. Add the eyes and maybe some ears if you wish? Leave it over night to dry and then your wizzamal is ready for fun.
Pull him back and watch him whizz around the room.
I am often stuck for ideas for 7 year old boys whenever one of Amelies friends has a birthday party, this toy would be ideal!

Now that your little one is a little older, how about a Birthday outing treat!
A visit to the Build a Bear workshop would be ideal for children around this age. We took Amelie here a few days before her Birthday, she just loved the whole experience of making her very own Bear.
Please see our review here.

Magic Tricks Book

Amelie just loves Magic Tricks, she has had many Magic trick sets before but she has never had a book.
This little book is fantastic and is probably aimed at children aged 7 and up in my opinion as the words are quite small and some of the tricks are a little complicated.
Amelie enjoyed trying out the Magic card tricks with her daddy. There are a lot of tricks that she can't quite get her head around but she is practising!
There are many other Books in the Crafty Books range from Tobar, all priced at £4.99

La la Loopsy Cherry Crisp Crust Doll

I know that La la Loopsy wouldn't be everyone's first choice of gift for a 7 year old, but I guess that all depends on what kind a 7 year old you are buying for?
Amelie is still very much into Dolls and anything cute and girly.
You can't really get any cuter than La la Loopsy can you? Although there is not much play value in these kinds of toys, if a little girl loves sweet looking dolly's than you can't go wrong with this!

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