Monday, 22 September 2014

Heading for Autumm

With September almost over, there's no denying it....Summer is behind us and although the warm weather seems set to cling on for a little while longer we will soon be heading into those colder, darker months.

But as much as I'll miss days spent at the beach, sunglasses and sipping on iced's not all bad....Autumn has it's own delights to offer.

One of my favourite things about the arrival of Autumn is heading off to coffee shops, all wrapped up snug and warm, and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte!

Hallowe'en and bonfire night are always big events to look forward to for me, and I'm already planning Tyne's Hallowe'en outfit in my mind! (I think we'll stick to just the one this year, rather than the 3 he had last year!)

And for me of course, it means that its time to bring out the jumpers!

I LOVE Autumnal fashion, it appeals to me so much more than summer wear....particularly now that I`m expecting....I'm lucky as I`m expecting at pretty much exactly the same time of year I was having Tyne, so all of the maternity jumpers and leggings I wore two years ago can be used again....but I'll still want to treat myself to some new ones of course.


I've got my eye on these ones from Wool Lovers to start with!

I love the colours all around as the leaves begin to fall and I'm looking forward to taking Tyne for walks and letting him kick his way through piles of them, hunt for conkers, and so on.

There's lots to look forward to as summer draws to a close....what are your favourite things about Autumn?

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