Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Dream Bathroom

One of the problems with living in a rented home is not having the freedom to freely redecorate as you wish.

The room that I most unhappy with in our home is, by far, the bathroom.

We had some bad leaks during the spring which have left the ceiling cracked and the paint work patchy, the bathtub is much smaller and narrower than I would like (I dream of a bathtub I can lay fully submerged in instead of with my feet hanging out!), the shower is far too high...I can only assume the previous tenants were giants because at 5'9 I can't reach to turn it on without going on tiptoes!, the colours are dreary, and there is no ventilation meaning it gets mouldy and gross often!

So when I recently saw that Virtual Bathrooms are holding a competition to design your dream bathroom online, I spent an hour or so in Daydream Heaven putting together how my bathroom would look if I could do what I wanted to with it!

I loved designing it....the design tool reminded me of playing on The Sims, it was so much fun and there was every kind of bathroom addition there you could wish for!

Here is my finished bathroom,....its very simple but clean, with a deep tub, a heated towel rail, a "floating" toilet, marble floors and neutral touches such as bathmats and towels.

You can have a go at designing your own bathroom and enter the competition too....there are some great prizes up for grabs including a Intuous Pro and £100 of Apple Vouchers! 

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