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My Second Pregnancy: Weeks 4-9

When I found out I was pregnant, I started keeping a little log on here of my weekly symptoms, feelings, etc....

I didn't start my blog until I was already 7 months pregnant with Tyne, so I don't have much of the pregnancy recorded....this time I want to document it all the way through for my own memories.

Here is my little countdown of the pregnancy so far....

Week 4: 

We found out about this pregnancy on 28th July. I was just over 4 weeks pregnant.

I didn't have any tell tale symptoms at all apart from the obvious period!

I was pretty surprised when the "Positive" result came up as I honestly did not feel pregnant at all.

Once I knew I was pregnant, I did start to feel a bit nauseous throughout the day times for the rest of the week but I'm not sure if this was more a "Mind Over Matter" situation!

Week 5: 

Symptoms: I feel like I'm having so many symptoms already! The nausea comes and goes, yesterday in particular it was very strong but today I've barely felt sick at all.
I haven't been sick yet which I'm pleased about, but I have had an upset tummy for a few days.

I have been SO extremely tired - I've been napping in the afternoon and sometimes in the early evening too. Today I fell asleep in the car on the way home from a carnival too, I just can't get enough sleep! I am EXHAUSTED all the time.

I have also had very sore boobs! They feel so heavy and achy....the feelings reminds me of how they felt after I'd had Tyne, as though they are full! This is very foreign to me as I never experienced sore boobs when I was having Tyne at all.

I've had some period pain on and off too, and quite achey joints and cramp in my legs.

How I'm feeling: Apart from tired, I feel generally ok. Nervous and excited!

Cravings: I have been wanting nothing but meat! This is odd for me as I am usually not much of a meat eater at all, but I can't get enough of burgers, chicken and anything meaty at the moment! Last week I was craving cake a lot but that seems to have passed now.

Aversions: Tea and coffee. I can't stomach the thought of it. No aversions to any actual food yet though.

Weight Gain: None yet.

Anything To Report?: A bit of drama this week as I had very bad pain in my right side and had to go to hospital. There was some concern it may be an ectopic pregnancy. The blood tests and internal examination (yay) didn't point toward that though, but I am having a scan in a few days to confirm this. I'm nervous about this but also excited to see Pickle for the first time.

Week 6: 

Symptoms: There has been a lot going this week, which I blogged about HERE....we spent this week not knowing whether or not this pregnancy was ectopic or not continuing....we were given a week long wait before everything was confirmed.

The week was very difficult as I was still experiencing symptoms which was very confusing....

I had a lot of nausea particularly late at night, I couldn't eat much or I would feel extremely bloated....and I was physically sick once.

I also had very sore and tender boobs.

How I'm feeling: Depressed this week, due to the uncertainty.

Cravings: None this week.

Weight Gain: None yet.

Anything To Report?: Lots and lots of drama as mentioned earlier, but the week ended with the great news that the pregnancy is fine after all!

Week 7: 

Symptoms: Lots of nausea, sore boobs, tiredness

How I'm feeling: Much happier now that we know everything is ok!

Cravings: None this week.

Weight Gain: None yet.

Anything To Report?: No

Week 8: 

Symptoms: Same as last week, plus the nausea has developed into actually being sick

How I'm feeling: Just tired.

Cravings: Scones!

Weight Gain: 3lbs LOST!

Week 9: 

Symptoms: Still nauseous, sick a few times, sore boobs, very main new thing is that the gallstones I developed while pregnant with Tyne have flared up again :( Ouch!

How I'm feeling: Tired, sore and cranky. Very hormonal.

Cravings: Cheese & Onion crisps, trifle.

Weight Gain: Still 3lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy

So that brings me up to speed! I'll be updating on my progress through out the pregnancy. Apologies if you find these posts boring, they're more for my own memories than anything else! 

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