Friday, 12 September 2014

Push Presents...

In recent years, there has been a trend in the nature of gifts that baby daddies give to New Mums once their baby is born....

Once upon a time, a simple bunch of flowers was customary but more recently much more extravagant and fancy gifts have become on trend....these are known as Push Presents and are, of course, very popular among the celebrities of the world.

For example, when Mariah Carey gave birth to his twins - Nick Cannon gave her a beautiful 14 Carat pink diamond and sapphire necklace engraved with the twins names.

Kirstin Cavallari received a very hard-to-come by limited edition Hermes Birkin Bag after the birth of her first child with Jay Cutler, while Jessica Alba bagged a diamond and gold Franck Muller watch worth an  eye watering $54,000 following the birth of her second child.

Of course, celebrities have this sort of money to burn and perhaps a bunch of flowers grabbed from the local supermarket on the rush in to the hospital for visiting hours wouldn't quite be in keeping with their everyday lifestyles....but what about the rest of us?

How do you feel about the idea of Push presents? Did you receive one yourself?

I've heard many people comment that the baby itself should be considered the push present, and of course I do agree but on the other hand when you think of the 9 months of hell you may have just been through (If you're one of the unlucky ones) and the pain of childbirth and the coming weeks of recovery....does it really hurt for a partner to buy a little treat to express their gratitude?

Personally I didn't receive a push present when I had Tyne, and I'm not holding my breath for one this time either....but having just spied this stunning aquamarine ring from Pragnell the jewellery store (Aquamarine being this babies birth stone!) a girl can dream right?!

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  1. Nope nothing - not even a bunch of flowers. Three times over. I didn't want anything huge but yes a little "Thank you, you were ace" gift is always nice right?

  2. My husband bought 'me' a speaker. Just what I'd always wanted, the old romantic! lol x

  3. I'm not that keen tbh on the idea of push presents a bunch of flowers or some chocolate is enough for me

  4. chris brought me a big mac meal. it felt like the most amazing thing ever!! lol


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