Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Solutions to Treating Aging Skin

When we’re young, we are constantly at risk of being lectured to by the wiser on the effects that sun exposure, smoking, and the wrong face creams can have on our skin as we ripen with age and cynicism. Very rarely will we listen to such nonsense until it is too late; but whether or not we listen has no influence on the rate in which our skin advances, so long as time continues to travel forward. Here are a few solutions—variable in extent—to treating visibly aging skin.

Cosmetic Treatment

Though extreme by many peoples’ standards, cosmetic surgery can significantly benefit the confidence of those who are insecure or dissatisfied by the way their skin has aged over the years. Cosmos Clinic is an Australian based clinic dedicated to enhancing one’s looks in a natural and educated manner, with a team consisting of highly established medical professionals and founded as such by the renowned surgeon Dr Joseph Ajaka. With voluntary surgery being a leap of faith in itself, it is important that you are in the hands of a certified practitioner who will assure you of minimum risk throughout the procedure, if only by having impressive credentials.

Moderated Fun in the Sun

Ideally, for skin to age with less intensity, sun exposure must be minimal and controlled. While it isn’t quite as fun as the full degree of fun in the sun, moderated fun in the sun certainly gives you more time on earth to have fun in the sun, moderately so. According to, this involves smacking on the sunblock 30 minutes before leaving the house, and reapplying it every 2 hours throughout the day. But it doesn’t stop there. In exchange for full sun protection, you must sacrifice both your social consciousness and your dignity. In other words, you must wear a sensible hat, sunglasses that meet the Government’s safety standards, and be fully clothed from head to toe before stepping outside and gracing the world with some essence of your old self.

Peels and Lotions

Young or old, if your skin is moist it will look—and indeed will be—a whole lot healthier. Applying skin lotion is important even if you are considering a facial peel, because while the essential purpose of a peel is to remove visible wrinkles and encourage the regrowth of youthful skin, the healing process following such a procedure will largely involve regular moisturising of the particular area. This way, you are reducing stiffness and increasing muscle flexibility, meaning you can smile without being constantly afraid of your face splitting in two. See your dermatologist for a specific and more informed prescription.
When all is said and done, the secret behind the most basic skin care is common sense, which can be broken down into three simple tips: wear sun protection, moisturise regularly, and try not to smoke. Remember that above all, you are doing this to feel more comfortable in your own skin (excuse the pun—it couldn’t be helped) and to divert your attention from the dreaded inevitable.

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