Friday, 5 September 2014

The perfect app for peace of mind

Nowadays it seems that every time you turn on the TV, go online or listen to the radio, there’s another story about missing or lost children.

Naturally as a parent, my biggest concern is the safety of my son.  With the world seemingly a scarier place than ever, anything that provides peace of mind or reassurance is always welcome.

To have the ability to know where a child or any loved one is at any given time would provide real comfort and a huge sense of relief to many people.

I have discovered that this is now possible with the Folr app for IOS or Android systems.

This handy little app can be installed on any mobile device, tablets and smartphones, whether they’re IOS or Android based. When installed, it provides real time information on the location of the person who’s device has the app installed.

Jon & I have been testing it out this week, and I am so impressed with what a simple but effective idea it is. I`m the kind of person who tends to panic if Jon is a little later getting home than usual, and obviously calling him when he's driving to check on where he is can be this app allowing me to check his whereabouts and see he's on his way home and safe is fantastic and gives me so much peace of mind.

It can be used to show where an individual is and where they have been, ideal for showing where the kids are after school and you being able to know that they are safe!

Folr is so user friendly, and can be added to as many devices as you require- very handy if you have more than one child!

A detailed history of locations of the person whose device you are tracking can be provided via Folr, and this information can be reviewed throughout the day, and anytime up to a year from installation.
It can also be used by educational bodies to log school attendance, as well by users to confirm the location of friends if on a night out, and provides a real sense of peace of mind.

The person who has had Folr installed on their device can set the parameters for privacy. They can even activate and deactivate the hours of the day, and the days of the week, when the device can be followed so privacy is ensured where required.

Folr is such a useful app, and when Tyne is old enough to get his first smart phone, it’s something we'll certainly use....particularly when he reaches the age of walking home from school alone.

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