Sunday, 26 October 2014

Baby Born Doctor: Review

We were recently sent the Baby Born Doctor Doll to try out, and today we're feeding back our thoughts on this Christmas favourite.

Baby Born from Zapf creations are a brand I am familiar with as they have been producing the dolls for quite a while - my own sister had a Baby Born doll that she loved dearly as a child, and the design hasn't changed much over the years.

Baby Born is a hard bodied with moveable legs, arms and head - her eyes close when you lay her back and she doesn't have any hair, making her a good newborn-style doll.

Baby Born, however, had undertaken many different identities over the years and the latest of those is the Baby Born Doctor!

She comes dressed in a pair of adorable white croc-style shoes, pink leggings, and a Doctors coat with mirror style -headband.

Along with her comes a bowl and spoon, bottle, nappy, dummy and potty.

She also comes wearing a little friendship bracelet, and there is a child sized one included for her new owner as they become best friends...I thought this was quite a sweet idea.

I thought the items included were very sweet and Tyne certainly enjoyed spoon and feeding bottle his new "Baba"...however I did find it quite puzzling that the doll has an opening in her mouth for feeding and certainly "really goes" to the potty but the bottle included did not actually have an opening to enable children to really use it.

I suppose the idea is that they would spoon feed her, but surely water from a bottle would be easier?

The doll itself is of very high quality and is certainly both durable and realistic in its look, and just the right size for little toddler hands.

The same applies for all of the items included.

I am not sure that I really see the appeal of the Doctor theme as, to me, this is a baby so why would she need to be a Doctor? On the other hand though, Baby Born has lived so many lives over the years and there are so many different variations available...I suppose this is just one more option added and if your child is particularly fond of playing Doctors then this would certainly appeal.

There are numerous items that are available to accompany the Baby Born Doctor, one of which is the Baby Born Interactive Medical Laptop.

The laptop includes various X-Ray slides and a scanner, to encourage imaginative play - I love that the X-ray slides have Baby Borns face on as this makes it much more realistic and easy to understand for children.

The laptop also comes with some additional medical accessories, such as a thermometer, syringe, medicine bottles, etc.

This would certainly be a worthwhile addition to the Baby Born Doctor doll to really get the most out of the medical theme.

Tyne has really enjoyed playing with the doll, he immediately referred to it as "baba" and it was actually the first toy he has ever asked to take up to bed with him - he has been very affectionate and gentle towards it which I feel is fantastic practice as we prepare him to become a big brother in April.

I won't lie, his love of the doll did draw some negative comments from older & somewhat outdated members of my family....which angered me of course....but what could possibly be wrong with a boy learning how to be caring and look after a baby?

Although being a boy he may not be the target audience for this product, I think his enjoyment of it clearly shows that boys enjoy dolls just as much as girls do and certainly shouldn't be excluded from enjoying them - the way it encourages his nurturing nature can only be a positive thing.

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