Friday, 3 October 2014

Baby Watch: 18 Months

Oh dear. 

I think I'm going to need to think about changing the name of these posts as you are certainly not a baby anymore!

Your last update at 15 months seems like it was only written 5 minutes ago, but comparing how much you have changed since then is mind blowing.

You are such a little boy now, the baby side of you is disappearing more and more every day which makes me sad....but of course happy that you are growing into such a delightful little boy.

One thing that has never changed since you were born is how sociable and friendly you are, and how much you command attention....even when your grandparents visit and take you out with them, they comment on how wherever they go people stop them to coo over you and talk to you....people have always been drawn to you and you have such a lovely, friendly nature with them.
You are a real crowd pleaser!

Eating & Sleeping

Not much has changed since your last update on this front, you still love food and are not at all fussy with what you eat.

Your current favourite foods are: grapes, curry and rice, toast, pasta, smiley faces, banana, cheese, and, of course, choc choc!

One of your favourite things right now is to "dip dip" your food - you love having tomato ketchup with your dinner and dipping your food in it.

The only downside is that Mummy taught you how to "dip dip" biscuits in her tea....and now you think you can also "dip dip" your toast in her orange juice, grapes in her coffee, and all sorts of other delights....Hmmmm.

You still sit in your highchair to eat at the moment but I plan on moving you to a booster seat at the table over the next few weeks, and trying to encourage you to use cutlery more as you currently prefer to use your hands (Although you have started to use a spoon which you're getting quite good at).

As for sleeping, you have settled yourself into a lovely little routine since your last update. You started to ask to go to bed at 7.30 every night....we have never been strict with a bedtime, but rather wanted to allow you to set your own which you have fall asleep within 5 minutes of going up to bed and you sleep through until between 8-9 am.


Its crazy to look back at your 15 month update and see that you were only saying around 10 words back then!
You really don't notice how much you're developing every day until you look back on old updates, which makes me very glad that I started doing these posts.

I couldn't possibly even begin to count how many words you say now, but it must be over 100.

You repeat pretty much everything we say to you, and you know the words for most things without any help from us.

Your most used words at the moment are:

"STUCK!" - which you shout at the top of voice basically whenever you can't get down from somewhere, or out of somewhere (Which happens by the minute)

"Tyne" - which means "I want to watch home videos of myself on YouTube, please"

"Phone" - which means "I want you to get your iphone, put me on Instagram and let me flip through photos of myself" (Such a vain child I`m raising....)

"Nan-Nan" and "Gag-gag" - which are your words for your Nanny and Grandad, and you are usually shoving the phone at me when you say these things which means "Phone them please, I want to talk to them"

"Nice" - used whenever you like your food or something on TV, or something someone is wearing....usually accompanied by stroking of whatever is "nice".

"Toys" - which means "I want to go to my room and play with my toys"

You have also started to put words together recently into little sentences.....some of my favourites from the past few days:

"Tyne Go Daddy" - You said this to me recently while we were in the Drs surgery, you were sitting on my knee , looked up at me and said this, then crawled across to Daddys knee!

You have also recently started the "No" reply "No!" with a shake of your head to pretty much any question we ask you lately! 

And you like to hand me the remote control, and have me flick through the channels while you say "No!" to each one until you EVENTUALLY find something you like! Fun!

What We've Been Doing

Since your last update, we found out the big news that you're going to be a big brother....unfortunately this has meant that Mummy has been quite poorly so we haven't done a great deal in recent months.

We did visit Peppa Pig world shortly after your 15 month update, and you have helped Mummy & Daddy celebrate their birthdays in August & September too....lucky for Mummy you still enjoy going out to restaurants as we had a lovely meal out for my birthday, and the gigantic ice cream you got at the end was a brilliant treat!

It's also been your little cousin Kier's 1st birthday, which you enjoyed too.

We're looking forward to the Autumn, as you will be much more aware of Halloween and Bonfire Night this year and Mummy likes to make a big fuss of all these fun occasions!

You are so much fun to be around, and always a happy little guy....we feel very lucky as you never seem to have any tantrums or whiny days, even last week when you had your first ever sickness bug you were as good as gold, you never whined and you recovered so quickly.

You are a little joy and we are very lucky!

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