Monday, 27 October 2014

Dear Santa...

Lately I've been focusing a lot of my attention on sorting out Christmas.

I spend most of my free time writing endless lists ... ticking off what I've already bought and making idea lists to help me figure out what I'll buy for other family members.

One thing I never get around to thinking about is what I would like for Christmas.

But of course as Christmas gets closer, those close to us start to ask for hints and suggestions on what we might like to receive...My mum in particular is always asking as she finds me difficult to buy for.

So tonight I decided to sit down and write my own Dear Santa list....

If we're honest, I think most of us have certain Christmas favourites that we love to find in our stockings year after year...things we'd miss if we didn't receive them....

And these are mine!
xmas list


It just wouldn't feel like Christmas to me without new pyjamas! I buy myself a new pair to wear every Christmas eve...this has always been a tradition of mine and one I'm carrying on with my children, in fact I have already both mine and Tyne's Christmas Eve pjs for this year!

But pyjamas are always a welcome gift for me....I can never own too many pairs, and if all I received on Christmas Day was pyjamas...I'd be happy!

A Breadmaker

This is something I've wanted for YEARS and just never got around to getting! There are endless little kitchen gadgets on my wants list - an ice cream maker and a popcorn maker wouldn't go amiss either, but a breadmaker is top of the list! Just imagine waking up to the smell of fresh bread every morning?!

A Calendar

One thing everybody needs is a calendar and it's something I just never remember to buy myself, so I always hope to find one in my Christmas stocking!
Thankfully I'm usually lucky enough to be gifted with one - last year my sister bought me a great photo calendar with a different photo of Tyne each month - Photobox sell them and I think they make an ideal gift!

My favourite Tipple

One of the things I most look forward to about Christmas day is curling up in the evening to watch Christmas TV with a glass of my favourite ever drink...Baileys over ice! It just screams Christmas to me!
Of course this year I won't be able to do that as I'll be 6 months pregnant...but I'll certainly miss it and will just have to make sure I have a double on Christmas Day 2015 to make up for it! ;)


I LOVE hitting the sales on Boxing Day but, of course, money is bound to be tight right after Christmas so to me giftcards are an ideal present!
 My sister often buys me a Debenhams giftcard for Christmas and I just love heading out to spend it on Boxing Day and coming home armed with new perfumes and outfits!


A new movie or, even better, tv boxset is possibly my favourite gift to receive! I love having a series to work my way through or a movie to snuggle up and watch on Christmas night - last year Jon bought me the boxsets of The Middle and Modern Family and they've lasted me almost all year! I'm hoping he buys me some new ones this year!

What are your favourite things to receive in your Christmas stockings?!

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