Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Getting your Family’s Personality across during a Professional Photo Shoot

Achieving beautiful family photos that you will treasure for a life time is no doubt the wish of many parents, yet if you want something a little more special, it can feel a little difficult.

Capturing your family’s true personality on photos can feel a little tougher than simply sitting down and smiling for the camera, yet if you manage it, you will create amazing snaps that you and your family will love. We’ve come up with a few tips and ideas for doing just that.

Wear what you love 

You’ll have no doubt seen lots of guides regarding what to wear on your family photo shoot, but it’s really important to just think mostly about what you all love wearing, and what you feel comfortable and great in. Hopefully you can all choose something that will complement each other’s outfits, but more than anything, just ensure you all love what you’re wearing and you want to remember those clothes for a reason.

Capture yourselves doing something you enjoy doing together

A great way to achieve natural, beautiful photos is to avoid the staged poses and awkward stances, and to just be yourselves and have your photographer capture you all doing something you love as a family. This could literally be anything you like, from playing a sport to doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Go for a humour element 

Opting for professional photography companies like Venture Photography in particular is a great idea when it comes to achieving family photos full of life and personality as they have lots of ideas to make your photos (and the experience) fun and exciting. They also specialise in going for funny, sweet photos which is something great to think about, as having photos that will make you laugh for generations will be perfect.

Use props that are important to you

Using props in any photo shoot is a great way to add another element of your personality, and it’s especially great in family photos as it will help you remember those precious items that were really important to you. This could be anything from things like a football you liked kicking around the garden with your little ones, to a bedtime story book or a big blanket you all liked to snuggle under watching your favourite movies. Speak to your photographer to see how you can incorporate those special items in your photos so you’ll have a visual reminder of them forever.

Be natural and have fun

The most important thing to do to achieve great, natural and special family photos is to just be yourselves and have fun with it! Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to achieve works of art, as you’re likely to prefer the photos that are the least staged, and it’s worth remembering that a really good professional photographer will do most of the magic in the editing stages, too! Therefore, just enjoy the day and the experience, and make it one to remember.

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