Monday, 13 October 2014

How to Choose a Sexy Animal Costume

 A cat costume has been one of the classic female Halloween costumes for generations but there are  plenty of sexy animal costumes for women available online.

Today you can choose from almost any animal, real or imagined, in a variety of styles. But when dressing as an animal, it's important to keep it playful and sexy—you don't want to end up looking like a mascot!

 Here are some top tips for choosing a sexy animal costume. 

 1. Cute or sexy?

There are two main kinds of sexy animal costumes for women: those that conjure the image of an innocent young girl who still likes teddy bears and those that come across as bold, provocative, and very grownup.
 You'll see this difference very clearly when you look through sexy animal costumes online. Which kind of animal costume do you want? 

 2. The right head piece

 Every animal costume needs ears, and there are two ways of approaching this. 
Traditionally, the ears for women's animal costumes were very petite, not much more than two furry triangles or bunny ears on a hair band. 
This dainty style is very feminine and goes with all of the classic sexy animal costumes, like a Catwoman outfit or a Playboy Bunny.
 On the other hand, more women are now using larger plush headpieces that look like animal fur and ears draped over the head—almost like wearing the top piece of teddy bear pajamas. 
These may not be ideal for elaborately styled hair, but they're very trendy right now. They also have the benefit of making your face and body look smaller and raising the "cute" factor. It's very easy to be playful in these costumes. 

 .3.Big furry boots

 No matter what style of sexy animal you want to be, furry boots are a must. Like go go boots, they draw attention to your legs while also leaving something to the imagination, and they instantly make you look soft and pettable. 
These days, there are many options for furry boots, so consider getting a set that have two-tone fur or a pattern like leopard print.

 4. Paws or no paws?

 Similar to the head piece debate above, some costumes come with plush paws and others don't. Each choice sends a different message. Going paw-free is more traditional, and it keeps your hands free to hold things (it's very hard to hold a drink with fur paws on!).
 But paws have become popular for a reason. Like wearing a chunky sweater, the big paws have a slenderizing effect. They contribute to the innocent girl look, and are a lot of fun to wear. 

You'll find yourself batting playfully at your friends or your date.
Any animal can be sexy if the outfit is done right—we've even seen sexy elephants! 

It's all about choosing a costume that matches your definition of sexy. 

If you feel feminine and strong in your costume, then you've chosen the right one!

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