Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to Make Photos of the Kids a Memorable Xmas Present

We’ve probably all done it. Giving photos of the kids as Christmas present is a tried and tested gift idea that always does the trick. But if you’re family are getting these from your brother/sister too, and they’ve had them for a few years in a row now it might be time to make them even more memorable! Let’s go through a few ways you can make your pictures better than ever this year!

1. Costumes

One way to do this is to put the kids in a novelty Christmas outfit. If you’ve got younger ones then this is nice and easy. There’s a whole range of dressing up outfits available in nearly all of the major shops. If you’ve got older kids then it can get a bit trickier. If in doubt, tacky Christmas jumpers are still in this year so get them out early and take your Christmas gift photos!

2. Move From Photo To Video

Another option is to move from photos to videos. Videos are more engaging, more fun and can really stand out. You can film a video with any decent smartphone these days – and the video itself can range from the kids doing something cute, saying something to the gift recipient, or just being their normal selves!

If you do go down the video route think about how you’ll give the gift. A photo is easy – get it printed and buy a frame, but a video is slightly trickier. One option is to get a electronic photo frame that plays videos, whilst another is to get a personalised USB made up to hold the video from the likes of USBMakers. This allows an even more personalised touch as you could include a message on the drive as well as the video that it holds.

3. Get some Inspiration

Whether you go down the photo or video route, it’s great to get a little inspiration first. Just take a look at this video that went viral for instance:

Maybe your family is up for a little musical fun to make the gift stand out?!

4. Beautiful Frames

Another option might be to get a really beautiful or personalised frame for the photos to go in. Not On the High Street always have a great range of personalisable photo frames where you can add names, or write a little message on the frame to make it extra special.

5. Add Effects

Most of our phones can add effects to photos now through the number of apps that are available. If you’re really keen then have a look at using Photoshop, but if you’re like me consider just having a look in the App Store on your phone and finding a Christmas filter or photo effects for your phone. When you import your photos you’ll be able to add snow, reindeers, santa hats – whatever you need to make your pictures more seasonal and more fun!

Photos of the kids are a great gift, and Grandparents in particular love them. Make this years extra special with these fun tips!

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