Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Me & Mine: September 2014

dear beautiful
I knew the end of the month was rolling around, and that immediately brought to mine the Me & Mine linky which I have so enjoyed taking part in....but I had thought any chance of me getting a photograph of the three of us this month was a no-hoper.

Hyperemesis is absolutely caning me right now, and I can count on one hand the number of days this month that I have made it off the sofa and out of my any chance of doing anything worth photographing or looking and feeling at all like it were slim to say the least.

But then I suddenly remembered that back on 13th September, one of my very best friends tied the knot in a lovely ceremony in nearby Exeter.

I wasn't feeling my best but luckily it hadn't completely got a hold of me then, and - although I didn't have the energy for clothes shopping and ended up wearing an outfit I would never usually wear to such a special event - I made it to the day and got to see Sarah & Colin looking perfect, enjoyed their beautiful day with them, and as it happened - we had managed to balance the camera on the roof of the car and grab a timed family snap before we rushed in to the ceremony!

Sadly we were running late so there was no time for re-dos, and of course Tyne had his eyes shut....but it's the only photo of the 3 of us from this month and I'm just glad to have it!

The wedding was lovely, it's been a real topic of conversation ever since Sarah & Colin first got engaged a couple of years ago so it's hard to believe that its already been and gone....but we loved enjoying their special day with them, and I'm sure you'll all agree that Sarah (who also happens to be Tyne's godmother) made a very beautiful bride!

I loved having the opportunity to get Tyne all dressed up in a proper little suit, complete with bow tie - it's so rare that these kind of special occasions come around and I only wish I'd taken more photos on the day (I thought I was recording the ceremony only to find that I'd had the camera on standby the whole time! DOH!).

We wish Sarah & Colin a long and happy marriage.....and we hope they get cracking on the babies soon, Tyne needs a god-cousin! ;)

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