Friday, 17 October 2014

My First Trimester Survival Essentials!

I'm glad to say that I have now reached the end of the first trimester of my second pregnancy.

I'd love to be one of those women who glow throughout their pregnancies, relishing every second and blogging about the beauty of creating a new life....sadly pregnancy just does not suit me. My body just doesn't seem to be cut out for it...I have spent the first trimester struggling with Hyperemesis, cancelling long-booked and anticipated holidays and grappling with insurance companies to try and reclaim any possible money, trialling various anti-sickness medications with little success, suffering allergic reactions like rashes and hives, struggling to be able to stomach the aftertaste or smell of anything, and generally being a weeping, hyperventilating mess.

While pregnant with Tyne, the second trimester didn't bring a great deal of relief and so I'm not expecting any miracles this time....but I have found that I feel marginally more human since entering the second trimester and so I hope it continues and look forward greatly to the third trimester, which is when I finally felt like myself again last time!

For the reasons listed above, my list of First Trimester Essentials may seem a little peculiar...there are not many pampering products, vitamin supplements or unusual items here for 3 reasons...

1)I have barely moved off the sofa
2)There's no point in taking supplements when you can't keep anything down and are surviving on ice cubes!
3) I haven't been outside in order to shop for any weird & wonderful things....

So forgive my slightly sparse list!

The things listed below have, however, been lifesavers for me!

1. Volvic Flavoured Water

For some reason, every single thing I try to drink leaves me with the most disgusting aftertaste in my mouth.
I don't know why that is or where it comes from, but it makes drinking anything a foul experience.
The ONLY thing I have been able to drink without experiencing that this specific brand and flavour of water!

2. Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps

These were the only food I could stomach from week 4- week 6!

Unfortunately I have recently gone off them after an unfortunate incident involving me seeing them again after eating them.....but I'm thankful for their existence in getting me through the past weeks anyway! ;)

3. Tetley Mango & Passion fruit Green Tea

Soemthing I only discovered recently but I have found the flavour very pleasant, and they seem to help a lot with the constant bloated feeling I have.

4. Cussons Mum & Me New Mum Calm & Soothe Bath Soak and Cool & Relieve Soothing Spray

I have been loving relaxing in the bath before bedtime and this bath soak has really helped me to chill out at the end of the day, the scent isn't too overwhelming but leaves my skin feeling soft and silky.
The soothing spray has been lovely to use on my feet and legs before bedtime.

5) Bump To Birthday Pregnancy Journal from You To Me

I absolutely adore the From You To Me books, and was so delighted when I was recently sent their Bump To Birthday pregnancy Journal.

This has given me something nice to focus on to help me through when the sickness is particularly bad...I curl up on the sofa and record how I'm feeling in here, and it helps me to focus on the bigger picture.

The journal has plenty of space for photos and keepsakes, and helps give you the perfect space to record the journey from early pregnancy right through to babies first birthday with beautiful illustrations and inspiring quotes throughout.

Absolutely adorable! 

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  1. poor you hayley by christmas you will be over halfway and then ur new son/daughter to look forward to and if they are anything like their big brother will be sooooo worth it all :-) :-) xxxxxx

  2. I loved being pregnant don't get me wrong, but that first trimester was horrible for me too :( I had severe sickness with my first two till 16 weeks and 18 weeks and with my third child I had nausea from start to finish - which was actually worse as there was no let up even for the hour after being sick, it was just a constant feeling.

    I hope the second trimester is much kinder to you :)

  3. Volvic flavoured water is the only drink that has gotten me through my entire pregnancy. Anything else makes me want to vom!

    Hannah (

  4. I'm so glad that you are feeling better now, it must have been awful. I absolutely love the look of the Bump to Birthday book, it looks brilliant. x

  5. aww I hope you're feeling better soon. I had a hyperemesis too and had a period of only eating crisps - had to be ready salted though and had to be Walkers! Hugs to you x

  6. I definitely ate my fair share of crisps over the first few weeks, although Ranch racoon were my flavour of choice! I really hope the next few weeks get easier - it was around week 16 for me this time that I started to feel a bit more human

  7. The journal is just gorgeous Hayley :D I remember only being able to stomach ready salted crisps in the early stages of pregnancy with Oscar so I know just how you feel there!

    Hopefully the second trimester will be much better for you this time round!!

    Louise x

  8. Ah I feel your pain, pregnancy doesn't suit me at all either, though thankfully my sickness has been nowhere near as bad 2nd time round. Glad the first trimester is over and hope you feel better as your pregnancy goes on, in the meantime I am glad you have some things that help you get through it all! Xx #blogbumpclub

  9. Congratulations on reaching the end of the first trimester! You have my sympathies for the sickness, but I take my hat off to you for being able to eat cheese and onion crisps! x x


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