Monday, 13 October 2014

Pickle's 12 Week Scan

Last Tuesday 7th October, we went along to our local hospital for our 12 week scan (at 13 weeks along).

I have to admit, I was absolutely dreading it!
I've known so many people who have sadly lost babies this year, and a large percentage of them found this out at their 12 week scan, so I was extremely nervous.

Because of how ill I had been during the pregnancy, and how little I'd been able to eat and drink, I was feeling particularly negative....I couldn't allow myself to think that baby could possibly have survived on so little, and I'd suffered with so much cramping pain probably due to the amount of vomiting.

I went in to the scan with such a bad feeling, and told the sonographer as soon as I walked in that I was expecting bad news.

She asked if there had been any bleeding, which there hadn't been, but she was aware from my medical notes of the trouble we'd had at the start of the pregnancy when it had been feared ectopic or failing.

I laid down, and she put the scanner on my stomach....within 2 seconds of doing so, she said "There's a nice strong heartbeat"....the relief washed over me immediately, I couldn't believe it!

She spent a lot of time going over every little detail with us, showing us babies spine, arms and legs, and face....

I had declined the downs syndrome testing as I did when I was pregnant with Tyne, and she informed me that despite this she would still measure the fluid on the neck as it can indicate other underlying conditions....I was quite nervous as I didn't recall being told this when I was having Tyne....but within a minute or two she told us that the measurements were normal, which again was a relief.

We had been dated at 13 weeks at the time of the scan, but the measurements indicated that we were actually 14 weeks along....a new due date of 8th April 2015 was given.

We were so happy to get to see Pickle wriggling around and hear that everything seems well! 

Unfortunately the scan photo wasn't the best, but we did some lovely clear images on screen.

We have booked a private scan for 23rd October, when we will hopefully be finding out the gender!

From the scan photo, the head looks more like a girl based on the "Skull Theory" but based on seeing the image on screen it looked much more like a boy skull! 

So I am guessing that Pickle is a boy!

Jon is guessing that its a girl.

We'd love to hear what your guesses or feelings are based on the picture!

I'll be back tomorrow with my 15 week Pregnancy Update, and later on this week I'll be sharing my First Trimester Essentials and our Christmas Buys so far!

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  1. Aww look at little Pickle. I'm so glad all is well and I'm sure it'll continue to be. I didn't even know there was a skull theory! I'm thinking it might be another little boy but you'll know for sure soon enough, eek! :) x

  2. Aww! I'm so, so pleased everything is well!!

  3. I'm guessing a girlie :)
    Congratulations again lovely. Hopeyou get some relief from sickness

  4. So exciting! Must be extra exciting to be put forward a week, a week closer to meeting him/her :) xx

  5. So pleased to hear all is well. We had a gender scan at 16 weeks with Eliot. I was convinced he was a girl as a colleague knew I was pregnant before I found out and she predicted girl. I'm guessing girl :) xx

  6. Aww congratulations, so excited for you and pleased it was good news :) I am due 16th April myself, look forward to hearing all your updates and hope the morning sickness is wearing off a bit now xx

  7. I remember trying to do the nub theory with both of mine, impossible!! Glad to hear everything is going well and hope you start to feel better soon
    Becca xx

  8. Aww huge congratulations, so glad all is well. I am going to guess that he is a he.
    Looking forward to your posts tomorrow!

  9. So glad it all went well! You will have to join in with #blogbumpclub! And so nice to be put ahead a week too x

  10. I'm so pleased that it went well. I'm going to go with boy!

    Hannah (

  11. So glad everything went well :) x

  12. Glad to hear the scan went well and thats little pickle is doing well.


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