Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rocking Boy Leggings....Plus WIN a pair of Blade & Rose Halloween Leggings!!!

My little guy loves nothing than to be as active as possible these days.

If he's not running, he's climbing....if he's not climbing, he's crawling....usually all over me!  If he's not crawling, he's get the picture!

As much as I love to dress him in trendy skinny jeans, they don't always give him the freedom of movement he loves to have to get the most out of playing....

Some days, it's nice to have the option of something that moves more freely with him....leggings are ideal of course but they're for little girls....right?


These days are so many fantastic boys designs in leggings, which are trendy and practical....and super comfortable for tiny tot too!

Blade & Rose recently gifted us this super cool pair of rocket leggings, which Tyne has been loving!

Not only are they covered in his current favourite thing (stars!), but the rocket ship design really makes them stand out!

Paired with a simple but striking t shirt, they look really cool.

Today Tyne wore his along with his new "Future HeartBreaker" t shirt from Matalan, and I think he looked adorable.

Blade & Rose sell a wide variety of leggings for both boys and girls for just £10.00 per pair, with ages starting at 0-6 months and going right up to 3-4 years.

They wash so well, and are ever so soft!

To see more of their range, go to


If you'd like to try out a pair of Blade & Rose leggings for yourself, what better place to start than this fabulous Halloween inspired pumpkin pair! Ideal for boy or girl!

Blade & Rose are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair, just complete the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance!
(UK only)

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  1. He has big blue eyes! So macho! lol!

  2. Blue .. all the best people have blue eyes! x

  3. Lovely photos! I love my little one in leggings!! x

  4. Tyne looks adorable in his leggings, bless him. I'm definitely considering getting some for Oscar :D xx

  5. Blue! He's got a very similar look to Lamb. I love, love, love those leggings! It's my obsession at the mo. Boys, printed leggings. Alex x

  6. Blue eyes (Blonde hair). Nice prize. Halloween seems to be a popular event again.

    Rachel Craig

  7. He has lovely baby blue eyes.

  8. Wow I love these. The designs are gorgeous.

    Tyne has lovely blue eyes and is most definitely a future heart breaker!

  9. Big blue eyes! (@FCWedding on twitter).

  10. Lovely blue eyes like my two kiddies

  11. Looked grey till I put my specs on, but blue

  12. Looked grey till I put my specs on, blue

  13. He's got beautiful blue eyes like my little boys (he's a blondie too). In some snaps they look like they have a hint of grey in them too. Gorgeous.


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