Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stoptober: Driving Reasons To Quit Smoking

I recently came across an article in TNT magazine covering the main reasons that people are choosing to give up smoking during Stoptober, and some inspiring facts to assist in the mission to do so - such as the fact that the average smoker spends £1,180 per year on cigarettes which is enough to pay for 3 pairs of Jimmy Choos! Yikes!

The article was based on a survey carried out by on 1,000 UK adults, asking them what the driving factor in them giving up smoking was.

Surprisingly only 19% of those surveyed cited the impact on their families as their reason for quitting....with 52% stating that their desire to improve their own health was their primary reason, and 32% stating that the rising price of cigarettes was behind their decision to quit.

Other reasons given included social implications following the smoking ban, and effect on looks over the years.

My own partner Jon gave up smoking a few years ago, as he felt the rising cost was too high to justify...he also says he started to feel socially excluded once the smoking ban came into existence. 

I find the various reasons that people choose to stop pretty interesting, though I am surprised that family impact isn't a more pressing reason as surely setting an example to your children would be a motivating factor?

If you've given up smoking, what encouraged you to quit?

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