Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Responsibilities That Come With Pet Ownership

Dogs are a man’s best friend and cats make the world go around, at least that’s what the Internet suggests. Having a pet is no walk in the park. It is a privilege, and as a privilege, it comes with obligations. Being a pet owner, whether cat, dog, fish, or piranha, there are some responsibilities expected of you. Here are some for them:

Choose the right pet

It’s easy to just saunter in a pet shop and pick the cutest thing you can find. However, it is important to know the kind of lifestyle you have and determine the kind of pet that will fit that lifestyle. if you have a low maintenance lifestyle and you want a cat, you have to pick a cat that is likewise low maintenance.


Once you decide to get a pet, you signed on an implied agreement to take care of it for the rest of their life. It’s a commitment terminated only by death, and not by inconvenience to you. It includes an implied promise to feed them, provide them with shelter, groom them from time to time, and most importantly, love them. The commitment to feed them includes the obligation to provide them with medicines when they are sick, and even arrange for vitamins and supplements for cats to keep them from getting sick.


Research suggests that pets who are neutered or spayed live healthier lives. They also have better temperaments and live longer lives. Have your trusted veterinarian spay or neuter your pets as they approach adulthood. The recovery time for spaying is at least 2 weeks while for neutering, it is much shorter.


This is where matching your pet to your lifestyles is most important. If you live a low maintenance lifestyle, don’t get a lively active dog like a Corgi. Most types of dogs require exercise and play time. If they don’t get this exercise, behavioral problems may develop including biting and scratching the furniture, paranoid temperament, and even bite their owners at their most restless. If you have a lively active dog, have a dog walking schedule, preferably daily. Take them to a dog park so they can run around and play with other dogs. Your pet will love you for it.

Proper nutrition

Much like people, pets thrive if they are given the right nutrition. Consider the types of food they eat had they been in the wild. Cats and dogs are natural carnivores. Their teeth are made for eating meat, not oats or other non-meat products. They have difficulty digesting carbs as their digestive system evolved to digest meats. Check the ingredients of your pet food before buying them. It should be made up of mostly meat by products. If not, you might be harming your pet in the long run. Incorrect food affects their coat, the odor of their urine and stool, and the correct functioning of their organs. Check with your vet as to regular vaccinations for your pet, including anti-rabies vaccinations. Bring them to the vet for regular check-ups to keep on top of their health.

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