Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Three High Heels You Need to Check Out

We have all known for many years the power of a good pair of pumps.
 When you go out for a nice date or out to the club, chances are pretty high that you are going to wear a pair of high heels. 
Whether it is a nice pair of two inch heels to give you a little extra height or a pair of five inch heels to give you that dramatic flair on the dance floor, high heels are a necessity. 
 However, anyone can buy a pair of high heels. The actual art of finding a pair of high heels—is—well, an art. 

These days, we can get a little too careless about our high heel decisions. When it comes to making an impact, we have to truly make one, which means that you have to up your game a little. 
Staying current with the latest fashion trends is highly substantial, and if you want to stay current, then keep a steady eye on these three high heels that you absolutely need to check out. 
Be pumped up for these pumps, gals.

 1. Multi Colored Snake Heels 

 These classic pump heels will work flawlessly with your next outfit. You will be sure to turn heads at your next party or club invite. Nothing says daring or sexy like a pair of multi colored snake heels. Not only will be able to expose the loveliness of multi-color in all its glory, but you will have a delightful and desirable snakeskin pattern.
 You could wear a black t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and these heels but still look incredible. Any average outfit will do with these little numbers! You’ll be ready to turn heads, issue out a few good gasps, and lighten some eyes. 

 2. Gorgeous Rhinestone Heels

Talk about gorgeous! Heels with rhinestones? Yes, please. With a pair of high heels that are shimmering in the light, well, you will be bound to draw attention and to get a few jealous stares. What is awesome about these high heels is that you will be able to wear these with a solid hue dress of any kind. You could wear your favorite coral high-low dress with a pair of rhinestone heels in turquoise and make all of the members of a summer party think that you look like a celebrity right off of the red carpet. You have absolutely got to consider rhinestone heels! 

3. Strappy Cut-Out Booties 

 Oh, yeah. These pumps are simply striking and strapping. Booties are so cute—but when you mix them with straps—well, you get a good blend of both sexy and enduring. Any color will do. Just make sure, as always, that it goes with the outfit that you have planned in mind. However, these shoes will go with any little blouse or pair of jeans you feel like comfortably wearing. Or you could always go with a nice maxi dress. Look and feel amazing in a pair of powerful pumps! 

These choices can’t do you wrong so enjoy yourself while you wear them.

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