Friday, 10 October 2014

Tyne's Bedroom Tour

Today I thought I'd share with you a little tour of Tyne's current favourite place....his bedroom.

Until recently, Tyne's room was merely the place he slept - he never spent any time in there whilst awake at all.

Within the last couple of weeks though, this has changed. He has realised that the toys in his bedroom are different to the toys he has downstairs, and he suddenly wants to play up in his room all the time!

All day long, he continually asks if he can play in his room.

At the moment, because we don't allow him to use the stairs alone (He's far too short legged to manage coming down our stairs by himself!), one of us has to go upstairs with him as we're unable to fit a safety gate at the top of the stairs...but I can already tell that once he's mastered those stairs, he'll be the type of child who wants to be up in his room all the time!

I loved decorating Tyne's bedroom and wanted everything as baby blue as possible, with white accents.

My general theme was initially the sky...Jon painted the walls baby blue with white clouds, and I used raincloud mobiles and a moon nightlight to continue on the theme. 

But this has evolved over time to also include a bit of a transport theme with his car light shade, sailing boat patterned curtains,vehicle themed toy drawers and sailing themed rug!

One of my favourite things in Tyne's bedroom is his wardrobe which I bought from a boutique in Liverpool while pregnant - I love the design and the chunky wood it's made from, and because it's not too baby-ish I think it will last him a good few years.

Tyne's cuddly toy collection sits on top of his wardrobe, drawing the eye as soon as you step into the room...the cuddlies displayed here were all gifts from when he was born or from his Christening, along with some handmade wooden bits & pieces that I created for him!

The rest of his furniture is all white with a bit of blue detailing added, such as his name print bunting on the cotside and the blue tissue paper inside his wicker drawers.

Tyne's favourite part of his bedroom is of course his toys! 

I didn't want to make the bedroom too dull for him, and so I decided to put his slide and activity table in there along with a selection of smaller toys to keep him busy!

He also adores his story corner!

The big top style canopy from Ikea really helps to set the feel for the story corner, his little book shelf is always well stocked with some extra's in his storage stool...the luggage case is extra toy storage, and the little knight's window on the wall opens to reveal a mirror which Tyne just loves!

Sadly I think it will soon be time to change Tyne over to a toddler bed and we have a lovely one to review which will be happening very soon....I'll be sad to say goodbye to Tyne's baby bedroom!

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