Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Bedroom Revamp

We recently set about the task of making our bedroom a little more "our space" for calm and relaxation now that Tyne is sleeping well in his room of a night.

We decided to spruce it up a little and give it a bit of a makeover - I wanted to go for a white and silver theme as I find white so calming, which I thought would be great for helping me to sleep more easily at night.

 I'm really happy with how its turned out, it feels very serene!

Of course a big part of getting a good nights sleep is the bed and bedding itself - our bed is from Ikea and is just the right size, I don't like the feeling of being lost in a huge bed so king size is not for me - the queen size is perfect!
We were recently given the chance to try out some bedding bits & pieces from BHS which has been a huge help in making things more comfortable!
We chose some bounceback pillows which are amazingly comfortable - they spring right back to their former shape after use so it feels like using a new pillow every night! - available here for £37.50 for 4!

I also got myself an extra treat by way of an orthopaedic pillow which has been AMAZING - my head and shoulders/neck feel so well supported and my usual aches and pains in the morning have completely disappeared - available here for £25.00

We also chose a Silent night Ultimate Sleep Luxury Hollowfibre 10.5 tog duvet which feels so luxurious and comfortable! It's available here for £45.00

 I also bought this hoop net drape from Ikea - I think it gives the bed a "four poster" feel without any fuss as its so easy to put up! and it was a bargain for just £8.00!!

The bedding set is a simple, crisp white one with a ribbed effect on the pillows and along the bottom of the duvet - it was £14.99 for the set including a fitted sheet, from B & M.

This silver cushion is one of my favourite recent buys - it was from Drapers and cost £4.95 for the cover which I used on an old cushion.

The white wicker laundry basket was from Ikea for £15, the blanket box is one I've had for years which we've repainted white and the white voile curtain was from Home Bargains for £7.

My wardrobe and drawers were also from Ikea, bought a few years ago. The wardrobe was around £120, and the drawers were around £80.

I loved this little plaque and it fitted perfectly with my bedroom theme! 
It was purchased from a local pottery shop for £5.00

These lovely white fitted wardrobes were already in the bedroom and have come in very handy!!!

And finally, I absolutely fell in love with this pretty sparkly lightshade for the bedroom - it was £18.00 from Wilkinsons.

So that's how we've made over our bedroom - we're definitely sleeping so much better since!

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