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DIY Holiday Crafts for Kids

There are some fun craft ideas for kids during the holidays. In fact, if you put the kids to work, you could cut down on some Christmas chores yourself. Here are some outstanding things for creative kids during the holidays.

Personalized Gift Tags

Image via Flickr by AForestFrolic 

These DIY gift tags fun and festive. If you buy gift tags in the store, they aren't as personal. This is a fun and festive craft. Let the kids make these for you. All you need is:

* Child-safe scissors
* Construction paper, old Christmas cards, or old catalogs
* White glue
* Ribbon or embroidery thread
* Buttons or hole protector tabs
* Ruler
* Black marker
* Hole Punch

Step 1: Cut out Christmas shapes from the construction paper. If you are using recycled printer paper, then they can tear and glue a kaleidoscope scene onto the paper using colors from magazines, catalogs, or even newspapers. Let the glue set overnight so that it is dry.

Step 2: Use the hole punch to create a place for the ribbon or string to go. If using buttons, run the string or ribbon through the holes on the button and then run both ends of the string through the hole in the paper. Glue the button to the cut out shape so that it holds the string in place.

Step 3: To finish the project, just add in the "To" and "From" address lines.
This is a project that kids can use to make presents for others too. Grandma will love these. Craft stores and most department stores have all the supplies you need for this project.

Christmas Light Jar Project

Image via Flickr by Pictures by Ann

Make Christmas light jars to light up your holidays. Use old bottles or jars to stuff them full of Christmas lights. If you use battery-powered Christmas light strands, you can place the jars wherever you want. All you need is:

* Jars or bottles (use recycled glass jars or bottles to cut the cost of the project)
* Small strands of Christmas lights
Optional Equipment
* Colored tissue paper
* White glue

If you would like to make the jars fancy, just tear up colored tissue and glue the pieces to the outside of the jar or bottle. The result is a Kaleidoscope effect. You can find everything you need for this project at an, a craft store, or you might just have it all at home.

Paper Cup Light Strand

Image via Flickr by edenpictures

This fun project is simple and artsy. Using colored marker or crayons, kids add holiday themed designs to the outside of the paper cups. With a pair of scissors or an X-acto knife, adults cut a 1/4 X in the bottom of each cup. Push the Christmas light bulbs through the X and the cup forms a shade for the light. Make the X small enough to hold the bulb, but not so small that bulb will not easily fit through it. For added texture, kids can poke holes in the sides of the cup so that the light bleeds out from the holes. The project is fast, fun and decorative. This is an excellent idea for other holidays too, such as Valentines Day. All you need is:

* Mini light strands
* Paper cups
* Scissors
* Colored Markers
* Needle or another sharp object for making holes in the cup Dixie cups work best with mini 
Christmas lights. 

You can also change this project to use cupcake liners. Craft stores have everything you need for this project. This is a project that will
keep kids busy all day. The designs range from simple to complex and geared towards youngsters or even teens.

These are just a few of the many kids crafting projects for Christmas and the holidays. These projects are easy and affordable. Best of all, they fit a wide age-range from children to teens, and they allow kids to take part in the holiday festivities.

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