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Fifteen Festive Favourites TAG

I don't often do tags but anyone who knows me knows that I am a SUCKER for Christmas, so when lovely Louise over at Confessions Of A Secret Shopper tagged me to do the 15 festive favourites tag I just could NOT resist!

So here we go! my 15 Festive Favourites!

01. Favourite Festive Food

OMG there is so much I love! I'm a bit different with festive foods as I actually tend to hate a lot of the traditional things such as mince pies, pigs in blankets and christmas pudding (BLEURGH!) but to me, it wouldn't be Christmas without honey roast parsnips, stuffing balls, a gigantic Turkey and heaps & heaps of Brussel Sprouts! I LOVE them!

I also love to indulge in some baklava on Christmas Eve, though its becoming increasingly harder to find in supermarkets every year! I usually look forward to a Baileys on Christmas eve too, and Prosecco with my Christmas lunch but pregnant old me will be forgoing those treats this year!

02. Favourite Reindeer

Rudolph, of course!!!

03. Favourite Day of Christmas

I'm assuming this means which days over Christmas (As I bloody hate the 12 Days Of Christmas song!), so as much as I love Christmas Day I'd say Christmas Eve is probably my favourite as there is just SO MUCH EXCITEMENT and anticipation building!!!

04. Favourite Christmas Song

OH MY DAYS I love them all!!! I'm a serious Christmas-Song-A-Holic and have a list ready loaded on my ITunes year round, just waiting for December to roll around so I can start blasting them out!

I can't narrow down one favourite but my top 3 would be: 
"All I want For Christmas Is You" - Mariah Carey
"Merry Xmas Everyone" - Shakin Stevens
"I wish it could be Christmas every day" - Slade

But come on, would it really be Christmas without a bit of Wizzard, Mistletoe & Wine, Rockin Around The Xmas Tree, Jingle Bell Rock, and Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)?!?! I think not!

05. Favourite Present

Pyjamas!!! Every time! I wouldn't care if I got nothing else at all, as long as I get some new PJs I`m a happy girl!! (Perfume is always a winner too though!)

06. Favourite Festive Film

There are SO many Christmas movies that I absolutely love, and Elf & Miracle On 34th Street  are ones I always really look forward to watching....but there can only be one favourite and for me that HAS to be Santa Claus: The is just the most Christmassy film ever made and I watch it every Christmas Eve without fail!!!

07. Favourite Festive Cracker Toy

It has to be those fortune telling fish! They're always fun around the dinner table!

08. Favourite Cracker Joke

What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas?

09. Favourite Christmas Decoration

Oh this is hard, I'm very sentimental with decorations and there are so many on my train that have significant meanings to me which I just love...I guess the one I would miss most though would be the Bauble we had made of Tyne's first ever visit to Santa least year - it may be new but it will be on our tree forever and is definitely my newest favourite!

10. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent

It has to be Yankee Candle's Christmas Eve doesn't it?!

11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert

I love seeing the Coca Cola ad as it means, well, that the holidays are coming! But no advert has yet been able to outdo the John Lewis one from a few years back for me:

It's just SO ADORABLE!

12. Favourite Festive Tradition

Oh there are so many, but I think my absolute favourite thing is snuggling in to my brand new Christmas Eve pjs (Yes there has to be a new festive themed pair every year, even though they're only worn once or twice!), putting on Santa Claus The Movie and wrapping my presents ready for the next day! I LOVE IT!!!!

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas

I don't really mind where we spend Christmas, it used to always have to be at my mums but since we now live all spread around the country it just isn't feasible anymore, so we usually have Christmas morning at home and then go to my mum & dads holiday apartment in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day/evening there - its more important that all the right people are there than where we actually are as they are what makes Christmas!

14. Favourite Christmas Fact

That Santa Claus's suit was actually green, until Coca Cola decided to use him in their Christmas marketing campaign and made it red to match their branding!

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory

A nice chintzy scarf and hat! You don't want an underdressed snowman!

And that brings us to the end of the 15 Festive Favourites Tag! Please let me know what you thought of this in the comments below, and feel free to leave your links if you've completed this one too :)

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