Friday, 14 November 2014

Have A Kidstart Christmas!

Every day my inbox is brimming with alerts of new money saving websites and cashback shopping all honesty, I find it very difficult to distinguish between them.

But a new one really caught my eye today and I thought it was far too good an idea not to share.

Kidstart is a website that operates in a similar manner to cashback sites - you sign up for free, you shop with their affiliated sites by clicking through from the Kidstart site, and you make your purchases.

Each retailer offers an amount of cashback via Kidstart - but the difference is that your cashback goes into your Kidstart account, and you can then transfer it to your associated Junior ISA - meaning that the cashback is saved for your childs future.

What an incredibly simple but brilliant idea?!

The average amount saved per year is £200 - not to be sniffed at!

There are also competitions and offers run through Kidstart - for example in the run up to Christmas, Hotel Chocolat are offering 3% cashback and each week one Kidstart shopper will win £50 online credit!

Waitrose are offering £55 off your first five online grocery shops as well as 1.2% Kidstart cashback.

Considering this service is entirely free to sign up for, I think it's something every parent should be doing!

To find out more for yourself or to sign up, visit

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