Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Home Redesign On A Budget

You’ve been wanting to upgrade the look of your home but aren’t willing to shell out thousands of dollars in the endeavor. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and yes, there are many things you can do to redesign your home on a budget. 

Install new fixtures.

Updating fixtures such as switchplate covers on electrical outlets and light switches will instantly add pizzazz to a room without eating out a large chunk from your budget. Switchplate covers cost around a dollar each for a plain white cover, and you can simply spray paint it with the color of your choice that would match you walls. Another option is to get some stainless steel covers for that industrial look. There are also decorative and patterned switchplates sold online, and of course you can make some yourself! Another inexpensive but expensive-looking redesign touch is replacing handles, knobs, and hinges on doors.

Bring in natural light.

A room looks best in natural light, and there are way you won’t have to add windows just to capture and let the sun brighten up a room. One of these is by installing a light tube, a device which slips between the rafters of the roof and effectively funnels sunlight down into a space. If you have a home office or studio, having a light tube as a source of natural light can also help you cut down on energy costs.

Install accents.

A home upgrade that’s cheap and relatively easy to do is installing accents such as a doorways trim, a baseboard trim, and crown molding. Prefabricated trim and molding are available in most home improvement stores, and are easy to install. Some prefab accents come already painted, while others let you paint them in a color that would create an interesting contrast with your walls.

Paint your ceiling.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls can definitely change how a room looks, and for best results, paint the ceiling too with a new color. You can play with colors that produce a contrast between the walls and the ceiling, such as painting the walls white and the ceiling bright yellow. This would open up a room and brighten it.

Rearrange the living room.

Sometimes, redesigning a room by simply rearranging the furniture does the trick. By rearranging the couch, living room table, and indoor plants, you will be able to reorganize how a space ‘flows’ and create new shapes, giving you a new home experience.

Add some colors.
Redesigning how a room looks can simply be a matter of color. The living room, for instance, can benefit from new throw pillow covers, a bright-colored throw rug, and a bouquet of flowers in an elegant vase. You can buy new covers or sew your own from old clothing or yard sale fabric.

For bigger savings, hit the recycling center for your molding, fixture, and other remodeling needs. This way, you can have a fabulous-looking house and still have some money left over for takeout after a hard day’s work!

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