Friday, 7 November 2014

Memory Lane

You can't beat a bit of nostalgia.

Maybe it's my age but there's just nothing I love more than reminding myself of years gone by....whether it's listening to Martika songs or trying to remember the dance routine's I made up to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" or re-watching Scott & Charlene's wedding on YouTube for the millionth just makes me happy to remember all the things I used to love in my childhood!

And yes...I'm aware those things make me sound very old indeed!

Well....I guess I am!! When I was a got 20 sweets in your 20 Pence Mix, Computer games came on a cassette and took 20 minutes to load (ahhh the Commodore 64!), Gary Barlow was the one NOBODY admitted to fancying in Take That, Ariel was the Elsa of our generation and Blue Peter was the worlds most boring TV show (well I guess some things never change!).

Yes I am a child of the 80s!

Last week, while visiting home, my mum opened the Cupboard Of Wonders under the stairs where all of our childhood toys still live happily....Tyne had a grand old time playing with such 80s delights as The Big Yellow Teapot....

And the Chimney Pot House!

Seeing these old toys again and playing with them with him really brought back memories, and made me realise just how COOL the toys from my childhood were!!

I often think that so much emphasis these days is put on wooden toys and how long they last, and while I do think they can be beautiful and appreciate that they can last a long can be bloody incredible how long and well plastic toys can last too!

I still own all of the toys I am about to mention below, and they are still in perfect working order after between 25-30 years of being played with! Pretty impressive for plastic, right?!

So...join me in a little trip down memory lane...did you have any of these too?!

Major Morgan - this musical little soldier was one of my all time favourite toys!!!!

The Matchbox Play Boot Shoe House!

She'Ra's Castle - I used to play with this for hours with my favourite She-ra figure...Elektra!

The Oh Penny House - I had loads of different Oh Penny sets, I remember the farm so well too but the house was my favourite!

Matchbox Yellow Teddy - This was meant as an activity toy for on a babys cot but we always had it out to play with on the floor, and its still in perfect working order!

The Sindy Dream House - this had pride of place in my bedroom for YEARS, I played with it from before I could reach the top level and it stayed in my room until I grudgingly let it be put up in the loft when I was about 14!!!! I still have all the furniture too!

Lights Alive - simply a little light board but OMG I had hours of fun with this!

I just don't think they make toys like they used to anymore!!!

Which of these did you love as a kid and are there any that i`m missing from my list?! Let me know!

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