Friday, 14 November 2014

Review: GLTC Wooden Play Kitchen

Almost as soon as last Christmas was over with, I decided that this year I wanted Tyne's main gift to be a toy kitchen.

I used to work in lots of nurseries and schools, and I always remember how the children would flock to the "home corner" to play whenever they could - there's just something about playing grown up that children seem to love and I think it is so cute to see.

We were recently contacted by one of my favourite companies, GLTC, and asked if they could send us one of their beautiful play kitchens to try out - of course we jumped at the chance!

GLTC have a large selection of different kitchens available, of varying sizes and different colours - the one we received was the Cavendish Play Kitchen which is usually £95 but is currently on sale for £76!

The kitchen stands at 76 cm tall, so the perfect size for pre-schoolers like Tyne - the red & blue colour scheme is really attractive, it stands out in a room and is perfect for either gender - an ideal choice if you have both boys and girls!

Jon had the task of putting the kitchen together as, I'll be honest, I make it my life mission to avoid these jobs at any cost!

It took him just over an hour to set up (but he isn't the world's fastest worker) and he said it was pretty simple to do - he does point out that you will need a phillips screwdriver and it would be preferable to have both a long shafted and short shafted to hand (This is completely over my head, but he insists this is relevant information!)

Once set up, the kitchen is super sturdy and looks of very high quality.

The features include: A removable sink with turning taps, a hob with clicking dials, a clock with moving hands, wooden salt and pepper pots, an oven with dials, two shelves and 3 wooden cooking utensils.

Tyne was absolutely delighted with the kitchen, and seemed to have the most fun putting things in and out of the oven. I think the inclusion of the salt & pepper pots and cooking utensils is really fantastic as it seems quite rare for these sorts of extras to be included and they really do make all the difference to the fun element!

Of course, there are plenty of accessories available and we will be picking up a pan set and play food set to accompany the kitchen and help Tyne to get the most out of it.

I can see this being a favourite toy for years to come, as his awareness of cooking grows I'm sure he'll continue to love it and features such as the clock will be ideal when we start teaching him how to tell the time.

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