Monday, 24 November 2014


While I'm not much of a jewellrey wearer, one item I have always admired is the charm bracelet - I love the idea of having one special piece of jewellrey which can be added to over the years and used to represent different special occasions in your life.

I'm quite a sentimental person and so the thought of purchasing to represent each child, holiday, special birthday etc really appeals to me.

I was given a beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet for my 30th birthday which I love, but because the bracelet itself is so detailed I've never felt that it would benefit from the addition of extra charms and so have never really used it in this way.

I've often browsed at popular charm companies such as Pandora but the simple that SO many people own them really puts me off - I've never really understood their appeal as I don't find their charms look all that special and, as I said, the fact that almost everybody owns one is a massive turn off to me.

And so this has left me without a charm bracelet over the years!

Recently. I was sent a charm bracelet by a company called Trollbeads - who I have to admit, I was completely unfamiliar with - and I was in love!

Their simple yet stunning silver bracelets are absolutely ideal, and they have such a wide range of beautiful charms to choose from.

The simple bracelet is available for just £35.00 and the beads you choose to add vary in price.

I was sent two charms - the Maternity charm shows a mother playing with her child and I think its beautiful - so simple but perfectly represents the subject.

I was also sent the beautiful Iceblue diamond bead to represent being a mother of boys and my blog  which is blue in theme and obviously the name Sparkles is represented well by the presence of the diamonds!

I think the two charms together are absolutely perfect and I have so loved wearing them.

Another aspect I really love is that you can even choose your own clasp - I was sent the dolphin clasp which I absolutely adore!

There are so many charms I already have my eye on to add to this beautiful bracelet - the next one I'm intending to add is the gorgeous Expectation bead to represent my current pregnancy!

If you're looking for a charm bracelet which is both stunning and has the potential to keep on giving over the years, Trollbeads are definitely the one for you!

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