Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tyne's First Painting Session! #Persilstainmagic

 Something I've been wanting for a while with Tyne is fact a few months back I bought all of the ingredients for making yoghurt paints as I thought it would be best that way incase he decided to eat it like he does with his crayons and chalks!

But I never quite got around to making them, and so when we were recently asked to take part in the Persil Small n Mighty Painters challenge we decided it was time to give painting a go!

Tyne has only ever finger painted before back when we tried to make some Valentines cards, he hated the feel of the paint on his hands and the whole experience was not very I wasn't sure what he'd make of this.

But he loved it.

He took to it right away, declaring that he was painting "Thomas, Percy, Bridge, Track" and "The Moon"...he used two brushes at a time (multi tasker!), and although at first he was quite unsure when he got the paint on his hands and asked me to get "wipes" and "clean handies" repeatedly...he eventually stopped caring and embraced the mess!

In the end his hands were covered and we even did some hand printing! He LOVED the squishy sound of the paint squelching between his fingers when he made a first.

Persil had sent us the paints and brushes, along with some letter sponges and a canvas - we made the canvas last, I let Tyne loose on it and then I printed his name on the top - it will be hung in the hall in our new home when we move in next week!

By the end of the activity, Tyne's vest was well and truly covered in paint!

A quick bath later, and Mr Camouflage was back to his nice clean self!

We had so much doing this activity, and will certainly be braving the paints much more often in future! :)

Thanks Persil for helping me to get started!

To check out Persil's video of magician of Ben Hanlin surprising school children with some messy magical art click below!

Find out more at or tweet #Persilstainmagic

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