Sunday, 16 November 2014

We're moving! My new home decor ideas!

This weekend, we found out the great news that we will be moving into our DREAM HOUSE in 2 weeks time!

We had been looking at properties for a week or so, when suddenly one day we went along to a viewing and there it was....the perfect house!

The house is in Paignton, which isn't too far from here but feels like a completely different's a seaside town and you can actually see the sea from our new house which is something I've always loved the idea of!

The house has a brand new fitted bathroom and kitchen which have never been used by anyone else, as the entire house has been totally refurbished since the last tenant left - so it feels like moving in to a new build - but with all the space of an old house!

The rooms are large, there are big bay windows so there'll be lots of natural light, and there is a GIGANTIC cellar below the house which is actually really pretty and provides both tons of storage space, a utility room and a cute little separate room!

We're hoping to get the keys next Friday, which means we'll have a week of going between both houses and moving in slowly - perfect!

So I've been pinning away trying to come up with a vision for how I want to decorate.

The upstairs rooms are going to be pretty much as they are in this house, as I love our bedroom and Tyne's bedroom as they are.

The first thing I've been pondering is the kitchen - it is the only small room in the house, so I've been trying to come up with ideas for making the most of the space and making it look cute and quirky.

The kitchen is all dark grey/black wood cupboards and surfaces, and my own kitchen accessories are baby pink which I think will work quite well.

Here are some of the things I'd like to see in my new kitchen:

1) I love the idea of wall stickers in small rooms where there isn't much room for actual pictures, I think they really help to set the mood.

2) A dishwasher is a must - this Beko built-in dishwasher is so sleek and perfect for my new kitchen

3)I love the idea of a blackboard in the kitchen for the weeks menu and memos, but with wall space limited it could be tricky - these splashbacks in a chalk board style are the perfect solution!

4) I love the idea of milk jugs for storing kitchen utensils

5) And for a quirky touch, how cool are these tealights in whisks?!

I'm still trying to come up with ideas for the living room - there is a fireplace which I'm looking forward to decorating, and I'd like to keep the colours as neutral as possible.

The hallway definitely calls for a feature photo wall going up the staircase!

And the final room is a dining room - there is a fireplace in this room too and lots of cupboard storage, but I'm in two minds whether to use it as a dining room or a play room.

We do eat evening meals at the dining table but it seems like a waste of a room to use it purely for that half an hour of the day!

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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