Friday, 21 November 2014

What's in Tyne's Christmas Sack From Santa?! Toddler gift inspiration

As December is almost upon us, I thought that today I would share with you the secrets of what is in Santa's sack for Tyne this year!

I have been super organised and have already bought everything listed below (except for one item!), so it's just a case of getting them all wrapped up!

I thought I'd share what I've bought in case anybody with a similar age toddler is looking for any inspiration as they can sometimes be difficult to buy for!


1) Tyne's main gift is his toy kitchen, but when I saw this personalised rocking horse on sale for £30.00 I absolutely couldn't resist it! I think its more something I will love looking at in his bedroom than something he'll enjoy playing with, so I don't feel bad that he's getting two main gifts!

2) Wooden sandwhich making set - I needed to get some play food to go with Tyne's kitchen, and as he loves his "Buppies" for lunch I thought he'd enjoy pretending to make his own with this cute set from ELC!

3) Again, more play food to go with the kitchen - you can "cut" this veg set up with the knife provided which I thought was good for getting him to practise using cutlery, and it was such a bargain at just £5 from ELC!

4) Tyne is really starting to enjoy playing with little people figures and play sets, so I wanted to start buying him some Happyland sets - this Happyland school set is super cute to start with!

5) I couldn't resist the Happyland Christmas set to go with it! How cute is Santa and his sleigh?!


1) It wouldn't be Christmas to me without new books, and Julia Donaldson books are my absolute favourite for kids! I bought this 10 Book Julia Donaldson collection set a while back and am so excited to start reading them with Tyne!

2) Again I wanted to get a few little people play figures and sets, and this Playmobil plane set stood out to me when I last visited Kiddicare - Tyne really loves planes and any kind of transport so I know he'll love this!

3) Thomas is Tyne's BIGGEST love, so although he already has quite a lot of Thomas toys we couldn't resist buying a bit more! This Thomas At The Sodor Paint Shop is bound to be his favourite thing on Christmas day!

4) As well as Thomas, Tyne basically loves any kind of train and has recently been getting in to In The Night Garden more... so this Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train will be a big hit!

5) He also really loves toy cars and all of the ones he currently has are the chunky, baby style ones - when we recently visited my Mums he LOVED playing with the collection of proper Matchbox cars she has there from when my sister and I were kids so I thought he'd like to start his own little car collection off!


1) This Stretchkins toy puppy looks adorable, and can be stretched to be as tall as the child and attached to their feet to dance with them - I'm sure this will make a great new friend for Tyne!

2) I really wanted to get Tyne a nice big road mat to play cars on, and this Happyland one is not only super cute but it actually folds up to become a storage box - perfect for playing with and then storing all his little cars and trains in when he's finished!

3) Another little people playset, every child needs a play farm and I just love this Playmobil one that I picked up a few months ago at Kiddicare!

4) Tyne loves bath times, and so a new bath toy was definitely called for - we went for the Tomy Pirate Bath Ship!

5) Read With Me Woolly is a cute little spider who reads along with children, perfect for bedtime!


1) Again, indulging Tyne's love of cars we wanted him to have a nice garage type toy for his cars to go in - this Vtech parking tower is almost as tall as him so I'm sure it will be a hit!

2) Thinking again along the lines of starting off some new little people style play sets, I thought Tyne would enjoy the Peppa Pig themed ones available - he already has Daddy Pigs car which he loves, so I decided to get the Peppa Pig Playhouse too which comes with some little Peppa Pig characters.

3) We needed a set of wooden pans and utensils for Tyne to use with his kitchen, and I thought this blue set was adorable! I haven't actually bought this one yet but its on my Amazon wishlist!

4) Again - another train for my future trainspotter boy! He will love this adorable little wooden set, and the one we have for him is actually personalised! We'll be reviewing it very soon!

5) Another Peppa Pig toy, this is Peppa's rocket ship and comes with more space-themed Peppa people and a little space buggy too!

6) And finally, I think Tyne is just about ready to start using Play doh without eating it so he's getting this Playdoh dumper truck set!

So that's all of Tyne's gifts from "Santa" so far - I am aiming not to buy anything else as I think this is plenty, especially considering he also gets a lot of gifts from other family members!

I know what I`m like though, and I`m sure one or two more small items will sneak their way in before Christmas.

I am also doing a Christmas stocking which is entirely centred around Thomas The Tank Engine - it will be filled with various characters from the show in little train form, as well as a nice cuddly Thomas toy!

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