Sunday, 7 December 2014

10 of the World's Craziest Christmas Lights Displays

Christmas isn't Christmas without enough lights to to give the Blackpool illuminations a run for their money! 

We're still working on our outdoor lights for this year, and have a trip to Poundstretcher to pick up some lovely lights this week!

 But meanwhile, here are 10 of the world’s biggest, brightest and best Christmas light displays to get us in the festive Spirit!

Number 10 

At this home in New York's Queens, every inch of the property - and beyond - is festooned with multi-coloured Christmas lights of every imaginable shade and the overall effect looks good enough to eat.

Number 9 

Lights cascade down this house in Buecken in Germany's Lower Saxony like raindrops during a storm. Reindeer sit atop the roof as though they are looking down over a magical star-studded sky – we fell in love with this magical Christmas light display!

Number 8 

A snowman army guards this unique residence in Florida in the US. Frosty would be in his element here on this twinkling lawn.

Number 7 

This home in Maricopa in Arizona, USA, is brilliant in its brightness, festooned as it is with around 20,000 lights, but it is the wit of neighbour and her 'Ditto' sign that really shines through. We bet this humorous sign also saved the neighbours from a huge electricity bill too – brilliant on every level!

Number 6

 Each year, Alex Goodhind from Wiltshire takes a month off from his job as an electrician to put up this £30,000 Christmas light display. His unique illuminations have raised thousands of pounds for charity over the years and even attracted coachloads of visitors from far and wide!

Number 5 

Electrician Wayne Skinner's display in Bolsover in Derbyshire features lights that were once aptly part of Blackpool's famous Illuminations. “I've always wanted to get a job working on the Blackpool Illuminations, so I decided to make my own'”.

Number 4 

Paul Toole's £20,000 lights flash on and off as Santa dances in time to his own festive-themed radio station in Wells in Somerset. The display features 50,000 lights and around a quarter of a mile of fake snow – really setting the Christmas scene. 

Number 3 

In this Somerset cul-de-sac, six families join together each years to bring Christmas joy to their homes and raise money for charity! So far, the light displays have raised over £42K for local charities and with over 100,000 Christmas illuminations; has been named Britain's most festive street!

Number 2

 Imagine living next door to a house which sings along to LMFAO's “Sexy and I Know It”! Christmas dreams or festive nightmare? 

Number 1 

There's no denying the creativity behind the Wizards in winter musical light show! Viewed on YouTube over 400,000 times, the skill and time that has been dedicated to creating this visual masterpiece deserves a huge round of applause! 

Which of the above displays you like best? Do your Christmas lights rival any of the above?

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