Thursday, 5 February 2015

5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life

There are many small things that you can do to bring some extra ‘pop’ to your home; a fresh coat of paint or some new blinds can bring new life to a tired house. Check out the following five tips that are easy to action and will make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.

Wild Objects

Whether it’s the inside or outside of your home that you’re trying to reinvigorate, the addition of wild and wacky design pieces will definitely add some fresh energy – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Found objects, trips to car boot fairs and charity shops can all yield avant-garde pieces for your garden or living room; you just need to tap into your creative side to re-imagine uses for everyday items. An old coat-stand sprayed with chrome paint and placed in an unusual position is just one way to liven up a dull space.


There’s plenty to be said about hats, shoes and gloves but if you want an instant lift for a particular room, check out your local design stores for quick and glamourous solutions. Any room will benefit from a crystal bowl full of pine cones (you may just have both lying around anyway) or an old ship’s wheel or anchor placed delicately in the corner.

Stores such as have a great selection of both accessories and furniture to really brighten up your home!
 Small areas such as bathrooms are easily perked up with a variety of candles and dishes of stones and crystals. Don’t forget about your home’s exterior – you can easily get a new, stylish security door installed!

Smoke and Mirrors

Well, maybe not the smoke but definitely the mirrors! The simple act of putting up a mirror can add extra depth to a room and create the illusion of additional space – and this isn’t just an interior design trick either. By adding mirrors to your garden (especially at the back of garden beds) you can fool visitors into thinking that you have an extra-large outdoor area and twice the amount of flowers that you actually planted.


A brand new paint job will transform any part of your house but it’s something that can take time and money. Instead, why not opt for some colourful throws and rugs to brighten up a particularly dull space? If the furniture in your living room is old and boring, a casually strewn throw or blanket over the back of the sofa will add warmth and texture to the room. Hey presto! An instant energy boost without a paint can in sight!


You will be amazed at the difference a new light shade or lamp will make to a room, and with internet shopping at your fingertips, the choices are practically unlimited. Experiment and remember that shadows can be an important contrast to your lighting choices. Make sure that the room isn’t over-lit because no-one wants to wear sunglasses indoors.

What do you do to brighten up a tired space? Post your tips, tricks and hints below.

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