Sunday, 14 December 2014

Add A Personal Touch To Your Accessories

It’s easy to transform from plain Jane to Disney princess, hobo chic, or glam rock, just by putting on accessories. Make your accessories reflect your own fashion style by personalizing them further. From hair accessories, jewelry, and even footwear. Dress up your style and show everyone the real you.


 Add a personal touch to your bag by tying your favorite scarf on an otherwise plain colored bag. Embroider your initials on one corner of the bag. Glue on some gems or crystals to a plain bag to lend it a bit of dazzle. Tie some colored strips of cloth on the handle for an instant boho feel. Attach button pins with your favorite logos, pictures, or cartoon characters, among many, for an instant personalized feel.

You can do tons of stuff to jazz up your bag; all you have to do is use your imagination.


Personalize your sneakers by painting a colorful pattern, or doodling on it using black marker.

There are custom thong straps for your flat slip-ons for the beach. You can change strap colors depending on your top or your mood. For your rubber slip-ons, there are rubber studs that can be clipped on or attached to the rubber straps. Designs for the rubber studs range from flowers, food items, or random things.

Hair accessories

Glue some gems on your metal clip for that added bit of color and sparkle. Twirl some fresh flowers and ribbons on your headband for an instant hippie vibe. Use a length of colored ribbon as hairband. Use a silk scarf as head accessory on sunny days.

When braiding your hair, add little bits of flowers in between the weaves. You can also weave strip of ribbon with your hair when you weave it so it only shows in random braids.


“One ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them…” Sound familiar? Who hasn’t seen the Elvish script circling that precious ring in The Lord of Rings trilogy? Some have copied the style and had their favorite phrases engraved on their gold or silver rings. The Elvish script, with all its swirls and loops, looks elegant and interesting on a ring, or even a thin gold bangle.

Have your favorite quotation engraved, or perhaps, your marriage vows with your husband. You could even make your own personalized name rings by using thin metal craft wires that can be bent into any shape possible. You can bend it to spell your name in script and use it as a pendant.

You may also use your favorite silk scarf knotted at definite intervals, with wooden beads in between as necklace. Create your own earrings. You only need some craft wire and earring hoops that can be bought at any craft shop. Choose your own combination of glass beads or paper beads and create your own designs. Use loops, twirls, drops, and other metal manipulation to create an interesting dangling earring.

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