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Baby & Toddler Gift Guide

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Here are some of my top picks for Baby & Toddler Gift Ideas This Christmas!

Tech Too Remote Control

This is the perfect toy for those inquisitive little ones who like to play with things they're not supposed to...Tyne has always loved playing with remote controls but it can be pretty irritating when you're trying to watch TV and the channel or volume keep changing as they bash around on them!

So this is the ideal solution!

I've seen plenty of toy remote controls before but the problem is that they often LOOK like toys...and babies are not so easily fooled! THIS one looks like a real remote much more appealing to the little tikes!

Available HERE

Stretchkins Puppy

Stretchkins are the ultimate cuddly companion for Christmas - they are available as frog, unicorn or elephant but the cute little puppy is definitely my favourite!

These life size cuddly friends attach to your childs feet and hands so that they move, jump and bop around with them! So cute!

Available from Smyths, Argos & Amazon | RRP £19.99

Tobar Bump n Go Bubble Train

This super cute brightly coloured train is perfect for babies and toddlers with a love of moving vehicles and bubbles! The train is chunky and safe for little hands, the bright colours are very appealing and it makes some pretty impressive bubbles as it chugs along!

It also lights up and makes real train sounds, and what I thought was great is that is chugs along on its own but senses when it bumps into something and backs up to find a new path to take! Tyne was happy to sit watching it for ages while he tried to pop its bubbles - adorable!

Available from Amazon | RRP £15.00

Fisher Price Smart Phone

This cute little smart phone for babies & tots is perfect for little ones who like to play with Mummy & Daddys phone! (I'm looking at you Tyne!)
The "App" buttons allow you to press them to hear up to 20 different songs and fun phrases - Tyne loves to use it to pretend to call his Nanny & Gagand!

Available from Boots|  RRP £10.00

Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue DVD

Tyne loves Fireman Sam and sometimes its really handy to have some DVDs to hand for when he feels like watching TV but isn't interested in any of the shows that are on - the Ocean Rescue dvd has proven a real hit with him, he loves to watch the various episodes of Sam's heroic adventures around Pontypandy!

For more info on Fireman Sam and the many products and free games and printables available, just go to:

Wheeliebug Ride On

Invest in a Bee Wheelybug for your 1-3 year old in a Bee Design and you’ll be helping to save the rare Shrill Carder Bee from extinction. Hippychick will be giving a percentage of the proceeds of Christmas sales of the Bee Wheelybug to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a national charity devoted to raising awareness of the plight of Bumblebees!

The Wheelybug Bees will be delivered for Christmas complete with activity sheets designed to encourage children from a young age to develop an appreciation of the humble bumble and the vital role that bees play in our lives.

The Bee Wheelybug retails at £59.95 (suitable for ages 1-3) and £69.95 (suitable for ages 2-5) and is available from

Pacapod Changer Toy Pod

More of a practical gift, but one the parents will appreciate! The Changer Pod changes from a lightweight mini changer pod to a toy pod when required and with the addition of safety reins gives you peace of mind. 
They're so cute, Tyne loves carrying his around and filling it full of his little toy trains and it lightens the load for me! 
I will be using a Pacapod change bag when Baby Number 2 arrives, and what is super handy is that this pod will feat neatly into that too! 

Available from Pacapod | RRP: £24.95

Your Letter To Santa Personalised Book

This super cute story book centering around your childs letter to Santa is perfect for Christmas Eve boxes, and is bound to be a story they'll treasure for years to come!

Available from | RRP £11.99

Handcrafted Noah's Ark Set

This gorgeous little Noah’s Ark set from East of India comes in a painted wooden box with lid. The entire set is hand-carved and hand-painted with a shabby-chic finish in muted pastels and creams.

The set features a dinky little ark with Mr. and Mrs. Noah, a ladder and a miniature pairs of elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, doves, sheep, pigs, camels, horses and dogs! 

The pieces are beautifully presented in a wooden box with a lid which is hand engraved with the words ‘NOAH’S ARK’. This would make a unique little gift idea for a child to treasure and would look great in any nursery. 

Available from BornGifted, | RRP £19.99

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  10. Ahhhh these are amazing gift ideas-some i hadn't even seen before-saying that i can say the Noah's ark set IS AMAZING-my niece has it :) xx

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  16. My son was having a great time on one of those Wheeliebugs this weekend at a friend's house so I think I will have to buy a large one for him :)


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