Monday, 1 December 2014

Me & Mine: November 2014

This month has been the busiest and most stressful of the year so far!

This weekend, we moved house - from one town to another closer to the seaside.

The problem is, we have accumulated a ridiculous amount of "stuff" since we moved in to our last house and this made moving a challenge enough in itself - and of course moving house while 6 months pregnant is not ideal!

We don't really have any family nearby so there was nobody to help or look after Tyne much, and moving with a toddler is also pretty bloody stressful!

I had been hoping that our November Me & Mine portrait would be a nice smiley family shot of us outside our lovely new house - but sadly not! We moved in on Saturday and we're nowhere near in the clear yet!

The keys to the old house are being handed over today, which means today is the last day of moving the last of our stuff out and cleaning and repainting!

Tomorrow will be spent trying to get the new house in order, and at some point this week we'll hopefully be able to put the moving stress behind us and focus on Christmas by getting some decs up!

In all of the chaos, I realised very last minute that our big move day clashed with a photography session I'd booked to have Tyne's Christmas photos taken!

We had a shoot with this lady at the same time last year and I loved the photos, so I wanted to make it an annual thing - we didn't want to cancel and lose the pre-Christmas slot, so we went ahead with the shoot on moving day!

This photo is us after a morning of lost clothes, no chance to shower, usual make up being lost amid mountains of boxes and a mad dash to get to the studio on time and get back to the move as quickly as possible!

Tyne was not loving the chaos and was very tired and grumpy....he refused to sit alone on the canvas so we had to go in on some photos with him which was not planned!

But I'm glad we did them - these shots are the preview pics I was sent, we get the full disc in a couple of weeks - I love the shot and I'm kind of glad we had it done on such a momentous-yet-stressful day!

Here's hoping for a less stressed out December portrait! :)

dear beautiful

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it must have been trying to move with a toddler in tow. I hope you settle in well and you have a less stressful month ahead!

  2. I am still so impressed you managed it and I love the family shot x

  3. Awww such a lovely photo! Moving must have been a nightmare but your new house looks gorgeous :) xxx

  4. For an unplanned family shot it turned out super :) And how handsome is Tyne in his own portrait shot!

  5. They are lovely photos even if they weren't meant to happen! And you will be so pleased to look back on them! We really need to get some professional photos done. x

  6. Sorry to hear about the stress of the day but your picture turned out great! Tyne looks gorgeous in his own shot, such a handsome little guy :)


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