Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Perfect Bathroom.....

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This weekend, we moved say it's been hectic is an understatement and as much as I'm dying to take photos and do a house tour, we are still snowed under boxes and so I think its going to be a while yet before we're settled!

But I do love our new home, and one of my favourites...infact probably my absolute favourite our bathroom!

In our old house, the bathroom was very old and rundown - nothing we did made it look any nicer, the painted walls were constantly battling mould as there was no ventilation, and another thing that bugged me massively was that it was downstairs next to the kitchen!

So having a bathroom upstairs again has been heaven!

Our bathroom in the new house is brand new - nobody before us has ever used it, and it feels like such a treat having never had a brand new bathroom before.

Here's a little look at it...

The room is spacious, the decor is fresh and modern and I absolutely love the black & white theme.
As our bathroom is new there are lots of modern, funky touches - for example it actually took Jon & I about 10 minutes to figure out how to take the plug out of the sink! We were used to the old-fashioned plug-on-a-chain style but simply push it and pops up! Who knew bathrooms could be so hi-tech?!

There were just a few little touches we needed to add such as storage, and so I've been loving shopping for bathroom furniture online to find those perfect finishing touches.

I absolutely love the Tavistock Aspen Corner Vanity Unit from Bella Bathrooms, perfect for keeping all our products out of sight and keeping the overall look clean and modern.

The bathroom already has some fab little touches included such as a heated towel rail, but one thing missing is a mirror - did you know you can get bathroom mirrors that sync with your device to play music?! I'm loving that idea, perfect for my little shower singalongs in the morning!

So that's what on my Bathroom wishlist right now, I'll update you more on the bathroom and the rest of the house as soon as we're all settled in!

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