Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our New Home!

Let's have a look around our new home!

The Front

There's not really too much to say about the front of our house - it's pretty standard! 

Although I have to say that the very first thing that drew me to the house was the palm tree! I immediately had a vision of it with Christmas lights in and knew I had to live here! I just love palm trees, they're one of my favourite things about living in this beautiful part of the country that they refer to as "The English Riviera!"

There is no drive, as you can see, instead we have our own garage at the back of the house and plenty of on road parking for guests - the gate has a few steps down and there's a little pebbled yard area with a bird bath which Tyne loves!


The hallway is long rather than wide, so there isn't much to do with the space really - there's a large under-stairs cupboard where we hang our coats and which we use to store some of Tyne's larger toys.

My owl obsession starts right at the door with my welcome mat, of course!

Further in we have a shoe unit and a large mirror.

And on the main wall is this gorgeous framed picture from The Day That....the photo shows the sunrise on the day that Tyne was born, which I think is a lovely sentiment.

The Day That offer sunrise photographs from any date over the past 10 years - such a beautiful gift idea to commemorate a birthday, wedding or any special occasion!

It has already drawn a lot of compliments - I remember well that it was snowing on the morning Tyne was born and I love that the iciness is really captured in this shot! It brings the feelings of that morning and our journey to the hospital come flooding back.

Living Room

A new addition is this vintage phone from Flamingo Gifts which I just love!

As you can see, my owl obsession continues in to the living room!

My mantel piece is adorned with an Owl clock and some owl-shaped fairy lights and coasters - the little owl that sits in the fireplace is supposed to be a door stopper but we don't really need one in here so he lives there instead!

The chalkboard that hangs in the fireplace is also owl-themed, and I have it hanging there as I like to write different seasonal messages on it - the fireplace is fully functioning but I don't really like to use it as I find them to be more hassle than they're worth (I know I`m in the minority on that one, everybody loves a working fireplace!)

There are lots of canvases of Tyne on the wall, I'm slightly worried about where we'll find room for any of the new baby when he arrives!

I love the large bay window in this room - we store Tyne's larger toys here as I do like there to be signs of a child living here rather than everything being hidden away.

We still have our teal corner sofa at the moment, though I've been toying with the idea of changing it for a while - but it's a difficult decision as it's just SO comfortable and I love its matching armchair!


The kitchen in this house is MUCH smaller than the one in our last house but I still love it so much more!

It's all brand new and nothing in it has ever been used by anybody else, which I love! It all feels so fresh and clean.

I love the subway tiles on the wall, and the grey wood cupboards - there's plenty of storage and counter space for such a small room, and it's perfectly functionable!

Without the additional dining room and utility rooms it would be much too small, but because we have these extra spaces it really doesn't matter that the kitchen itself isn't very big - it's big enough to cook in and that's plenty!

I also love that all of my baby pink kitchen accessories such as my microwave, kettle and toaster match with the fittings so well, as they never have in any other home we've lived in but I've never wanted to part with them - so at least they seem at home here!

I also love that we have a lovely sea view from the kitchen too, a gorgeous sight that makes washing the dishes slightly more bearable! ;)

Dining Room

I love the addition of a separate dining room in this house - we have thought about changing it to a play room as obviously we only use it as a dining room for an hour or so each day, but it's nice to have a separate place to eat so we'll keep it as it is for now.

The dining room also has a working fireplace but, like in the living room, we choose not to use it and there is an electric fire sitting in there which we haven't got around to moving yet!

I love our dining table, but it was really in need of updating after a couple of years of toddler food and paint/arts and crafts spillage damaging the chair cushions beyond repair - however instead of going to the expense of replacing the set, we decided to just buy some chair covers!
This gave the whole dining set a great makeover - it looks brand new and it only cost £12 for the lot!!

We also have that lovely sea view in this room too, which is just gorgeous while we're eating breakfast in the mornings.

The window sill is home to our lovely Feather & Twig wooden photo block, and we have recently put some wall art up in the form of a photo family tree - we've left spaces to add photos of the new baby and an updated family photo once he arrives too!


The bathroom is the first room as you go upstairs, and it's definitely one of my favourite in the house!

Like the Kitchen, it was brand new when we moved in and I just love the black and white decor!

The bath is a really good, spacious size and has a shower over and I absolutely LOVE the heated towel rail!

You can tell we're not used to brand new bathroom suites as quite a few of the "mod-cons" in here had us really puzzled when we first moved in - it took Jon & I about 5 minutes of us both standing there scratching our heads before we figured out how to take out the plug to empty water out of the wash basin - turns out you just push it!!! Doh!

I accessorized the black and white suite by adding a little white cupboard for storing our toiletries (I hate having toiletries on display in the bathroom!), and I like to keep black towels rolled up on the top with a posy of white flowers for a bit of prettiness.

I love using wicker baskets for storage in bathrooms too, so we have this lovely white one from The Basket Company for storing Tyne's bath toys and we also have one for storing the toilet rolls.

Our Bedroom

The theme in our bedroom is grey & white - I absolutely love this colour combination as I find it so peaceful and relaxing, which is obviously ideal for a bedroom!

The room is pretty spacious and very light and airy, I love the huge bay window.

We obviously have a few bedding sets that we rotate but this Kylie Minogue set is my absolute favourite, I love the silver frill through the center of the duvet and it matches our throw cushion perfectly.

I have a canopy over the bed which we bought from Ikea, and the bed itself is from Ikea too - I love both! We also have a set of lights from Cable & Cotton threaded through the back of the bed which look really pretty when they're lit in the evenings.

I have a stupid amount of clothes, pyjamas, and general posessions so I need a LOT of storage space in my bedroom - these wardrobes were actually left by the previous tenant and they used to be dark wood with cream shutters and they were pretty hideous!

We were going to throw them out but Jon fancied a go at upcycling, so he sanded them and painted them into our white & grey colour scheme and I'm pleased with how they've turned out - we just need to get around to replacing the knobs with clear crystal ones and they'll be finished!

I like to decorate any possible surface with as many trinkets and bits & bobs as possible - as my chest of drawers demonstrates! No free space stays clear for long with me around!

I always struggle to store my jewellery, so I have a few different kinds of jewellery stands and boxes on here too but I like the eclectic look of it!

My dressing table was from The Range, and I've had it for over a year now and STILL haven't got around to buying a stool! I really must get one soon but for now I just sit on the edge of the bed to do my make up and it works just fine!

I don't have a great deal of photographs in the bedroom, but I have had this frame featuring Tyne as a newborn and my two nieces for ages, and I just love it - I really need to get a new frame for the new baby and my nephew's photos now too!

This birth announcement frame is another of my favourite things, and I`m excited to get another one when the new baby comes!

It may seem a little weird but this lightshade is one of my favourite things, it's lived with us at 3 houses now and I just can't part with it - it's so sparkly!

The final thing to mention about my bedroom is that I like to have lots of little bits & pieces dotted around to inject some personality into the room - I love these little quotes and various bits of bric-a-brac - they may not seem like much but they really "make" the room for me!

The door hangers are also from The Basket Company - priced at £4.00 for the heart and £5.00 for the Butterfly - I think they make such lovely additions!

The Basket Company have such a lovely range of home furnishings, I highly recommend taking a look!

Tyne's Bedroom

Tyne's bedroom has recently had it's own dedicated tour post so I won't go into it all again as you can read that post HERE....but here are just a few of the photos incase you don't fancy clicking on to a separate one!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our new house!! 

It's nothing fancy but we absolutely love it here, and despite having only been here for 3 months it really feels like home already - moving was super stressful but it was definitely the best thing we've done!

What's your favourite room in your home?

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