Friday, 12 December 2014

Vaping: will it help you quit?

When it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle, quitting smoking is often top of the list, but unfortunately it's not an easy habit to kick.
 Even with patches, hypnotherapy, and nicotine replacement products available, it's been estimated that only 6% of people who quit smoking will do so for good, leaving an awful lot of people facing an ongoing struggle. 

There are lots of health concerns associated with smoking, and not just ones that affect you directly. Many parents also worry about passive smoking affecting their children, and this can be a big motivation to quit.
 An alternative that some people are finding effective is to move on to an electronic cigarette, replacing smoking with vaping, so could this help you to quit cigarettes even if you've failed before? 

Nicotine hit 

Coming off cigarettes means your body will be craving nicotine, and this can cause the irritability, mood swings, and shakes that come with cutting out tobacco. However, by using an e-cigarette you can still get the nicotine you crave, but without the carcinogenic chemicals used to make traditional cigarettes. 
When choosing an e-liquid for vaping, there are different strengths available, and many smokers just coming off cigarettes will need a high concentration such as 18 mg/ml to get the effect at first, before they move down to lower strengths. 

Passive smoking

 Another great reason to replace traditional cigarettes with vaping is that it could be safer around children. Even if you smoke a traditional cigarettes outdoors, away from your children, you still come back in the house with toxins lingering on your breath, clothes, and skin, therefore making it easy to expose children to them. 
At the moment, the advice is not to vape directly around children, however there's no current evidence that a parent who is vaping in another room or outdoors would pass on any toxins. 

Lingering scent

 When you have children living with you, it's essential to keep a fresh and clean house, and if you smoke then it's difficult to stop the smell lingering. For example, if you wash your laundry with your children's, then the cigarette scent can be passed on. However, e-cigarettes don't leave your hands, clothes, and hair smelling of tobacco, and although vaping has a slight scent to it, it's not one that lingers and clings to things. 

There are many advantages to vaping over smoking, and that's why many smokers never go back to traditional cigarettes after trying it. 
From the wide availability of flavours, to the much cheaper cost, there are many reasons to try e-cigarettes, and if you're a parent you'll no doubt enjoy peace of mind knowing that harmful tobacco has been banished from your home.

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