Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A House Full Of Man Flu!

With the weather so cold lately, we've all been feeling the chill....tonight the snow hit and it's looking like it might be around for a while yet.

I don't mind the cold weather so much but I live in fear of one thing...Man Flu!

A few weeks ago, I was hit by a pretty nasty cold. I'm still struggling to shake off the cough a few weeks later, but it's nothing that can't be dealt with.

But Tyne picked it up too....who knew that Man Flu affected baby blokes just as much as their Dads?!

His dramatic cough can be heard all over the house (And is purely for effect, he looks right at me when he does it and then waits for some kind of sympathetic reaction) - he carries tissues around with him, tries to blow his nose (In the same excessively noisy way that his father and grandfather do - why can't men blow their noses quietly?!), and throws his head on my lap sighing and saying "Cuddles...Tyne sick".

He could win awards for his Man Flu Efforts, but I shouldn't be surprised...he's learnt from the best!

Jon is the king of Man Flu sufferers - the first sign of a sniffle and he declares himself "Dying" and takes himself off to bed with armfuls of Vapour rubs, cough medicines and Lemsip! It will be a good day or two before he emerges again, feeling sorry for himself and stating that it's becoming a "Head cold" (whatever that is!).

I thought I'd have a little look online tonight for some Man Flu funny quotes to send to him (being the sympathetic girlfriend I am!) but instead I came across this Man Flu Twitter Map from Benenden - imagine my horror to discover that their findings show that Man Flu is REAL!

Apparently their lack of oestrogen prevents them from staving off colds and bugs as effectively as women do!

What do you think? Are you a man flu sympathiser or do you feel the same urge to play the Pregnancy & Childbirth card that I do?!

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