Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bring On 2015 and our 2014 Family Photo Shoot!

Happy New Year To One and All!!!

2014 was an eventful year for us.

Probably more so than we realised it would be at the start! 

We hadn't intended on a pregnancy this year but nonetheless that's exactly what happened and we're looking forward to 2015 bringing the excitement and challenge of a newborn once again!

Last year I listed a whole lot of resolutions I fully intended to keep and, of course, looking back on them now I realise that I followed through on very few of them.

For that reason, I've decided to try something a bit different this year - no resolutions as such, just a little glance to what the year ahead may hold and my hopes for it.

Tyne will turn 2 in March, just a few weeks before Baby Number 2 is due to arrive. 
I can only hope that I make it to his birthday without going in to labour as throughout this pregnancy both Jon and I have had a feeling that this baby isn't going to wait until his scheduled c-section date - eeeek!

I'm planning a nice relaxing birthday for Tyne as I'll be so heavily pregnant that anything seems like it just won't work - my plan is to hire out a local soft play centre so that all the food and clearing away can be taken care of for me, and Tyne can enjoy playing with his cousins!

We're looking forward to welcoming lots of other babies in 2015 - including some blogger friends such as Alex from Bump To Baby and Kelly from More Than Just A Mummy - but also my very best friend Sarah and her husband Colin are expecting their first little bundle of joy in late June too! I've been eagerly awaiting this babies arrival as it's been spoken about for long before it was even so much as a twinkle in their eye - so I am super excited to meet the little one and see if Baby Number 2 will have a little boy or girl to play with!

We're REALLY hoping to be able to fit in a little cruise holiday at some point in the late summer, as we were so sad to have to cancel our 2014 one due to hypermeresis - It may not be the easiest of holidays with a two year old and a newborn in tow but we'd like to give it a try nonetheless!

As for Tyne, I'd like to start getting him more involved in some social activities with other children his age as next year will be time for pre-school and I want to make sure he's ready.

I plan on hunting down some classes such as dancing and baby gym as I think he'll really enjoy those.

I'm also very aware of the possibility of him feeling a bit of jealousy once his new brother arrives, so my intention is to try and make sure that at least once a week I do something fun with just him and that Jon does the same thing - I want to make sure he's still getting one on one time, and of course that also means that new Baby also gets the one on one time too!

And of course, we'll also make sure that we do lots as a family too to encourage the brothers to bond!

Once new baby has arrived, I really want to concentrate on getting myself back to health.

I've blogged in the past about my various health problems including my graves disease and my anxiety disorder, and I want to focus on both of these things.

I've felt so unhealthy during this pregnancy, and - although at the start of this pregnancy I swore it would be the last - I have already started to change my mind on that and so if I was to have another baby at any point, I want to make sure that I'm in a better place physically first.

I have a new Doctor this year and I want to push for answers in to my health issues, I want to do everything I can to get my weight under control and to feel fit again, and I want to continue my journey with anxiety counselling and perhaps look into hypnotherapy again as I found that so useful in the past.

As for this blog of mine, I am proud of how far it's come in 2014 - my readership has grown far more than I ever expected and it's given me so many amazing opportunities already.

I want to continue to grow my blog as much as possible, continue sharing my journey into motherhood and through anxiety and most of all I want to get back to why I started blogging in the first place - it's been difficult lately trying to keep up with so many things and I feel that I have put far less effort in to my writing than before and I want to change that.

Of course my blog is still my main source of income and sponsored posts are necessary when that's the case, but I plan to take on far less collaborations for the sake of them and work harder to produce "real" content as often as possible.

So let's see where 2015 will take us!

Bring It on!

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